The AK47 is an assault rifle featured in all installments of The Last Stand series.



Main article: AK47 (TLS1)
Main article: AK47 (TLS2)
Main article: AK47 (TLS:UC)

The former standard assault rifle of the Soviet Union is one of the most prolific firearms on the planet; simple to use and clean, its sturdy construction and loose tolerances make for a very durable and reliable combat weapon. Zealous mass-production has resulted in it being widely fielded by national armies and rogue organizations the world over.

From genuine Russian rifles to imported and domestic knockoffs, criminals and gun collectors have long established this rifle's presence in North America.


Main article: Golden AK-47

This custom AK-47 features impractical gold plating, to better show off the wealth of its owner. Regardless, this is still the same highly reliable and hard-hitting assault rifle, with various other, more practical, modifications that enhance its accuracy and reload speed.

A very expensive gun, typically seen in the hands of people with money to burn.

Mk II/CustomEdit

Main article: Golden AK-47 Custom

A Golden AK-47 with even more money spent on it, it retains the firepower, reliability and shiny gold plating of its basis, while adding a scope and extended magazines, both of which are also gold-plated. It's pricey and hard to conceal, but an effective weapon nonetheless.

An even more expensive gun, for people with even more money to spare.


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