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Army DCU Jacket

The Last Stand: Union City




2 lbs


Cosmetic only



The Army DCU Jacket is a type of clothing featured in The Last Stand: Union City. It can be seen being worn by both zombified and living soldiers. The camouflage pattern is likely based on the U.S. Army's ACU - UCP camouflage pattern.

The jacket matches the Army Boots, Army DCU Pants, Military Helmet, and the Army Kevlar Vest. Together, they form the standard uniform for military personnel.


Army issue combat jacket.


This infamous camouflage pattern went through a heavy testing period between 2003 - 2004, where it competed against other proposed camouflage patterns. Only 4 patterns survived, when it was finally adopted by the U.S. Army as one camouflage pattern set called the UCP Camouflage Pattern. They have seen use in all stages of war the Army is involved in since adoption. They are planned to be replaced by the new OCP by the end of 2019.

The jacket is issued to soldiers of the U.S. Army. It also features large cargo pockets and carriers on the lower abdomen.


The jacket is only a cosmetic item in the game and does not affect gameplay.

How to obtainEdit


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