Barbed wire
Barbed Wire

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Research Component

The Barbed Wire is a research component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Length of wire marked with sharp barbs.


Barb wire is a type of fencing wire with sharp edges, or barbs, in an arranged interval. Originally developed to keep cattle from wandering off and mark properties, it became an inexpensive fence choice popular amongst prisons, military bases, and irate property owners, with the sharp edges of the wire ready to slash any escaping prisoner, defecting soldier, or troublemaking neighbor to ribbons. Barbed wire also saw use during the First World War to entangle enemy soldiers, and still sees unnerving uses in warfare today.

Sold in hardware stores and typically adorns the fences of prisons, concentration camps, military bases, and houses in rough areas.

Used forEdit

Recycling productsEdit

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