Birthday Hat

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Red, Black, Aqua, Pink


Cosmetic only



The Birthday Hat is a type of clothing featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is available on each anniversary of the game. It comes in eight colors — Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Red, Black, Aqua, and Pink.


A conical birthday hat in [color].


Birthday hats are conical hats made with a rolled up piece of cardboard or paper. These hats have colorful designs printed on the outside and a long string of elastic to secure the hat to the head. It is told the hat is a descendant of the "dunce cap", worn by misbehaving children, but the festive decoration was added to represent a positive attitude.

Can be purchased from any party supplies store, or made at home with the right materials and mindset.


It is purely cosmetic and does not provide any change in stats.

How to obtainEdit

Hats can be obtained by opening any kind of Birthday Box.

Recycling ProductsEdit


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