Tlsdz bomber hat blue
Blue Bomber Hat

Red bomber hat
Red Bomber Hat

Bomber Hat

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Blue, Red


+1% Health



The Bomber Hat is a type of clothing featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is a warm fur hat that protects the head, ears, and neck from the cold. It comes in two variants, Blue and Red.


A [color] winter hat.


Before the age of jet fighters, enclosed cockpits and plastic/carbon fiber helmets, aviators used hats made of leather lined with wool or fur to keep their heads and ears warm during the early-20th century when open-cockpit airplanes were in use. Despite the time, bomber hats are still used as a fashion accessory or winter hat.

Found in some clothing stores and homes of aviation enthusiasts.


In addition to altering a survivor's appearance, it also provides a 1% boost to health.

How to obtainEdit

It can be found scavenging in the Dead Zone, through Supply Boxes, or bought from The Store.

Recycling productsEdit


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