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Bounty Office - Now Open

The symbol of the Bounty Office

The Bounty Office is a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


An independent organization in the Dead Zone, they manage the listing and distribution of bounties. Correspondence is always handled by notes and payment by dead drops. As a result, no one knows who is behind it.


Placing BountiesEdit

When you have been raided, regardless of the outcome, your raid report will give you an option to place a bounty on the raider. Bounties are added by using Fuel. The Fuel that is added is then put into a collective pool of Fuel from other players who had been raided by the same person and becomes the bounty prize. There is a limit to how much Fuel can be added per raid.

  • This option is only available from the raid report screen.
  • The bounty will expire 30 days after the last bounty addition.
  • There will be a 10 Fuel minimum for the bounty.

Bounty ListEdit

Compound HUD - Bottom Right

As soon as a bounty is placed on a survivor, that survivor is added to the Bounty List, which can be accessed from the HUD and shows all currently available bounties. Any player on this list can be attacked by anyone if they are within 5 levels of the prospective hunter, either higher or lower. The list can be filtered by Bounty Amount, Level, and Expiry.

Claiming BountiesEdit

In order to collect a bounty, you must raid their compound. When you do, you are given a notification of how much bounty they currently have on their head. In order to claim the bounty, you will need to injure the Leader. If you manage to injure the Leader and successfully finish the raid, you can claim the bounty immediately or wait for it to grow more. Also, you cannot have a bounty placed on you by the bounty target. However, if you fail to claim the bounty, the bounty target can thus put a bounty on your head.

Claiming the bounty gets you the lion's share of the bounty, while a small amount (around 18%) is claimed by the Bounty Office. There is also a limit to how many bounties you can claim per day.

Bounty Target PenaltiesEdit

  • If a bounty hunter successfully claims the bounty, the Leader will be injured for an extended period of time.
  • The raider's compound will be a prime target for attacks by the community.
  • Additional punishments might be added.

Bounty HuntersEdit

The Bounty Office will display a list of the most successful Bounty Hunters, based on their total fuel claimed from bounties and amount of bounties collected.


For both sides, there are rewards that are tied to achievements related to this. Earning these achievements triggers a package that can give you access to exclusive items.

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