Business Man

+4 to +7 (dependent on Smarts) to Smarts.


0.5 lbs

Businessman is a skill book in The Last Stand: Union City.


Trade, education, and training.


You can't get everything you want in this world... until now. With the techniques, methods, and instructions in this book, you'll close deals faster than you can button your shirt, buy low and sell high like a natural, speculate accurately to accumulate in both money and power, and even a secret method that those greedy suits from Wall Street hid for 20 years. All of the secrets to get everything in the world are right here, at your fingertips!


It increases the Smarts skill by a certain amount.


  • The in-game description claims the book describes trade and finance, hinting towards "bartering" at the King-o-Pawn.

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