Not to be confused with Canal.
Canal park

Canal Park as it appears on the TLS:UC map

Canal Park is a section of Union City in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Canal Park has a danger level of 7 in TLS:UC, and 36 in TLS:DZ.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

Jefferson AvenueEdit

  1. Room 101 - a Where's Wilmo? skillbook and a Cleaver.
  2. Room 102 - Shells.
  3. Room 103 - a M1911 Pistol, .45 Cal ammo, Pain Pills and No Zzz.
  4. Room 104 - a Sharpened Kitchen Knife, a Note, and a locked cupboard containing Defcon Force, Where's Wilmo?, and Glendale Hunter skillbooks.
  5. Room 204 - a Note.
  6. Room 203 - a Note, Shells, and a Shotgun.
  7. Room 201/202 - a Medkit, a Note, Pain Pills, and a locked safe containing a Scoped Death Adder .45 and Cash. Also, Hank's quest items can be found here.
  • Warehouse, an unsafe storage facility. Does not contain anything, barring lucky/skilled finds.

Union City South HospitalEdit

Freeman StreetEdit

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

Canal ParkEdit

It is unlocked when the Leader reaches level 36.

Total available missions: 26

  • 10 wth Weapons/Gear emphasis
  • 2 with Resources/Components emphasis
  • 2 with Medical Gear emphasis

Canal Park SouthEdit

It is unlocked when the Leader reaches level 34.

Total available missions: 21

  • 6 with Weapons/Gear emphasis
  • 5 with Resources/Components emphasis
  • 3 with Medical Gear emphasis

Canal Park BridgeEdit

It is unlocked when the Leader reaches level 36.

  • 1 Bridge (Weapons/Gear emphasis)

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