Carrier Harness

A Carrier Harness

The Carrier Harness is a type of passive gear featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Pocketed belt designed to hold extra active gear and ammunition. Increases reload speed and carry limits.


The modern version of a bandolier, a carrier harness allows a soldier to carry more ammo on his/her body close at hand, as well as carrying additional grenadesSurvivors needing to carry more explosive ordnance may well find this harness useful, although other survivors may find the traditional bandolier more convenient.


Increases reload speed and Active Gear carry limits.

Recycling productsEdit

How to obtainEdit

Available conditionsEdit

  • Crafted, which increases reload speed by 10%.
  • Quality, which increases reload speed by 10%.
  • Civilian, which increases reload speed by 12.5%.
  • Police, which increases reload speed by 15%.
  • Military, which increases reload speed by 17.5%.
  • Old, which decreases reload speed by 5%.
  • Rough, which decreases reload speed by 5%.


This piece of gear is best used for compound raids, due to the fact that it can hold more active gear and increases the reload speed. The Carrier Harness would best be given to an assault class, such as the fighter, since they are most likely to be wielding heavy firepower, and would have need to reload their weapons, as well as to clear the path with additional explosives.

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