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In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, the Compound is the player's home base, where structures necessary for your survivors' continued survival are located. These structures are constructed and upgraded at the cost of resources and time, occasionally requiring components as well. Fuel can be spent to construct or upgrade the building instantly, with no cost in resources or components.

The buildings are categorized into 6 kinds, summarized in the Compound article. All structures are relocatable, but they can't be moved if it is performing an action, e.g. building, upgrading & recycling. Buildings can be dismantled into resources and components. Certain buildings, such as the Alliance Banner. the Deathmobile, and a Rally Flag (if it's the only one in the compound) cannot be dismantled. Besides Miscellaneous Buildings, the Alliance Banner, and the Rally Flag, all constructable buildings can be upgraded to certain levels, depending on the building in question.

Below are all the structures that can be constructed: