Locations that can be explored in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Location type Main loot type Level relative
to region
Bridge Weapons +3
Construction Site Resources +1
Convenience Store Various +0
Department Store Various +0
Depot Various +2
Gun Store Weapons, Gear +0
Hardware Store Resources -1
Hardware Store, Large Resources +1
Highway Food, Water, Weapons +3
Hospital Food, Water, Gear, Medical Items +1
Military Base Various +3
Motel Weapons, Food, Water +1
Motel, Large Weapons, Food, Water +2
Office Junk +0
Office, Large Junk +0
Office, Small Junk +0
Park, Large Food, Water +3
Park Food, Water +1
Police Station Weapons, Gear +3
Prison Weapons +3
Residence Food, Water -2
Residence, Large Food, Water +1
Security Weapons, Gear +2
Store Various +0
Street Weapons, Gear +2
Street, Small Weapons, Gear +1
Street, Suburban Food, Water +2
Subway Station Food, Water +1
Subway Station, Large Food, Water, Weapons +1
Supermarket Food, Water +0
Supermarket, Large Food, Water +1
Unidentified Building Variable +3
Warehouse Resources, Components +2
Warehouse, Small Resources, Components +1

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