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Weapons featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

See stat variations of base weapons in Weapon Attachments and Conditions and the effects of level on weapon stats in User blog:Evil4Zerggin/Weapon levels.

As well, here is a spreadsheet that makes it easier to compare the base statistics of weapons:

The calculator below (created by Sovq) can be used to calculate effective DPS for any firearm in TLS:DZ. It does not take range or knockback into account, as they don't affect damage and their optimal values are a matter of playing style and personal preference.

Input the weapon data into the "Weapon Stats" block, the results will be displayed in the "Results" block. Since the numbers displayed in-game are rounded, the actual in-game values may differ from what's calculated here.

Weapon Stats
Min damage per shot
Max damage per shot
Attacks per Second
Accuracy (in %)
Reload Speed (in sec)
Average damage per shot
Max damage per magazine
Damage per magazine (with accuracy)
Time to empty magazine
Time to empty magazine and reload
Effective damage per second

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