Tlsuc coins

The Last Stand: Union City, The Last Stand: Dead Zone




0.1 lbs

Coins are a junk item in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

Loose change.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

A pile of loose change, not much good now except for if it's broken down.


Coins are pieces of hard material commonly used as currency. Most are forged out of metal, but synthetic materials may be used. Most coins are disc-shaped, but unusual figures such as guitars and motorcycles have been issued legally. While coins are mostly used as currency, they are often used as a collector's item or tie-breaker.

Coins can be found just about anywhere, from the usual wallet and coin purse to floors, corners, tabletops, fountains, behind bookshelves, under couches, wedged between car seats, and even in trash cans.

Recycling productsEdit

  • Metal x 10

How to obtainEdit

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit



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