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Crafting is a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone that allows players to create and upgrade weapons, gear and components.



Crafting weapons, gear and components is performed at the Weapons Bench, the Gear Bench and the Engineering Bench, respectively, and requires Schematics, which can be obtained by upgrading the crafting benches, scavenging during missions and by completing certain tasks.

Crafting items requires the player to have a certain amount of components and/or resources in their inventory. Certain items may also require base items in order to be crafted. Any item of the required type can be used, but any attachments or conditions on the base item(s) used will not be transferred to the crafted item. Crafting is completed instantaneously and there is a chance for crafted weapons and gear to obtain random additional stat bonuses, which will usually be marked as "Crafted".

Weapons and gear can also be upgraded through crafting (up to the max level for the item type being upgraded) though they cannot receive the random "Crafted" stat bonus. An amount of Fuel is used up per item crafted or upgraded, depending on the resulting item's level and quality. The level of items that can be crafted or upgraded is determined by the level of the relevant Benches.

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