Crafting on the Cheap
Crafting on the Cheap

The Last Stand: Dead Zone




Reduces Crafting and Upgrading Costs by:
- Timed: +20% to +50%
- Permanent: +10% to +15%


1 Hour or Permanent

Slot lockout

None or 1 Hour

Crafting on the Cheap is a Resource book featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A guide to crafting with tips on saving money while doing so.


The joys of crafting at home is slightly offset by its high costs, both for the materials and for the tools you need. Fortunately, you can improvise. "Crafting on the Cheap" shows you to how to craft effectively and efficiently by using just a few tools to do everything, and ensuring that absolutely no materials are wasted, so you don't need to obtain more to finish your project.

Can be found in any hardware store.

How to obtainEdit

  • It can be found while scavenging in the Dead Zone.
  • 1 hour 50% versions can be purchased from The Store.


It reduces Fuel crafting and upgrading costs by a specified percentage, up to a maximum of 80%, including other boosts.


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