Empty sandbag
Empty Sandbag

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Research Component

The Empty Sandbag is a research component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


An empty hessian sack.


The rough, tough, and inexpensive burlap sack sees favoritism during times of conflict and misfortune, where its durability makes it excellent for transporting raw materials. When filled with sand, the sack, now known as a "sandbag", becomes a waterproof, bulletproof wall that withstands the elements. Sandbags tend not to fare well at anything beyond a temporary position, however, as walls of sandbags will eventually fail when exposed to the elements for extended periods of time, due to the biodegradable material used.

Used by the military and rescue organizations to erect barricades and levees.

Used forEdit

Recycling productsEdit

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