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A Floodlight

The Floodlight is a type of security building featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Battery powered floodlight that offers better visibility of your compound grounds.


Floodlights are used to illuminate the compound grounds at nighttime, revealing any intruders and making it easier to target them. They also provide a Security bonus. Upgrades to this structure improve its Security bonus.

The Floodlight currently does not provide any bonuses during compound defense, though this may be implemented in the future. Note that Dynamic Lighting must be turned on in the settings for it to actually emit light, though this is purely cosmetic.


  • Outdoor placement only.
  • Cannot be scavenged from during raids.
  • Occupies area of 1x1 square bordered by walking area.
  • Provides Cover Low Cover.

Upgrade levelsEdit

Upgrade Level Level Restriction Materials Needed Buildings Required Time Taken Effect XP Gained
Level 1 Level 10 175 Metal
5 Electronic Scrap
Level 1 Windmill 4 Hours +2 Security  ?
Level 2 None 260 Metal None 8 Hours +3 Security  ?
Level 3 None 395 Metal
7 Electronic Scrap
Level 2 Windmill 9 Hours +4 Security  ?
Level 4 None 585 Metal
9 Electronic Scrap
Level 3 Windmill 17 Hours +5 Security 250
Level 5 None 885 Metal
10 Electronic Scrap
Level 4 Windmill 1 Day +6 Security 300

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