Barrglendale sdw

Jack's barricade in Glendale.

"40 DAYS
It’s been a month. Back at square one. The crash still haunts me. They’re still everywhere.
Radio broadcast said today that they’re sealing off the mainland.
40 days until the last boats and aircraft leave. Got to make it to Union City.
Jack's diary

A map of Glendale

Glendale is the starting area in The Last Stand 2. Pre-outbreak it had a population of 20,420. It is a small town with a few houses and a park storage, with a supermarket, a tool store, and a quickstop seemingly the only stores in the town. There also appears to be a small river running through the middle of Glendale.

The zombies here don't carry weapons, but they can sprint towards the barricade.




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