HERC Tactical Response Supply Boxes are a type of supply box featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


These supply boxes contain equipment specially designed for HERC's paramilitary division, along with supplies to sustain them in the field. Among the available equipment are heavily customized variants of regular weapons only made and used by HERC, making them a real find for any survivor.


Much like the base HERC Supply Box, the HERC Tactical Response Supply Box can be scavenged during missions, contain one item from a predetermined set and has a chance of containing very rare items or a premium item normally only available from The Store. They are also sealed and require a keycard to be opened, though they use a different (and much more expensive) keycard type.

List of available itemsEdit

Initial ReleaseEdit

Level 12Edit

Level 17Edit

Level 23Edit


Variant 1Edit

Variant 2Edit


Variant 1Edit

Variant 2Edit

Variant 3Edit

Variant 4Edit

Variant 5Edit

Variant 6Edit


  • A Level 23 HERC Tactical Response Supply Box
  • A Re-Released HERC Tactical Response Supply Box
  • A Re-Re-Released HERC Tactical Supply Box
  • A LVL-01 Tactical Response Keycard
  • A LVL-02 Tactical Response Keycard
  • A LVL-03 Tactical Response Keycard
  • Unlocking a Tactical Response Box

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