This article is about the weapon in TLS2. For other versions, see Hand Grenades (TLS:UC). For the active gear in TLS:DZ, see Hand Grenades (TLS:DZ). For the ammunition types, see Grenades or 40mm Grenades. For an overview, see Hand Grenades (overview).
Tls2grenade sdw
Hand Grenade
Real Life Name

M67 Grenade

Damage Lvl

Very High

Fire Mode


Magazine Size


Hand Grenades are a type of explosives featured in The Last Stand 2.


See overview page.

How to obtainEdit


Despite their splash radius and lethality, hand grenades are surprisingly difficult to use, as they have a slow throwing animation and detonate on a timed fuse rather than on impact. This is exacerbated by the abundance of running zombies in Jonestown, where it can be obtained. It is best used to take out zombies bunched up at the barricade.


  • Very High Damage
  • Good AOE[n 1]
  • Reloads Quickly


  • Slow to throw
  • Delayed detonation
  • Short Range


  1. Area Of Effect


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