This article is about the active gear in TLS:DZ. For the weapon, see Hand Grenades (TLS2) or Hand Grenades (TLS:UC). For the ammunition types, see Grenades or 40mm Grenades. For an overview, see Hand Grenades (overview).

Hand Grenades are a type of active gear featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


See overview page.

How to obtainEdit


When thrown by right clicking anywhere, then clicking on the desired target, a Hand Grenade will explode after a short period of time, causing damage to anything (including friendly survivors) within its effective range.

Grenades are permanently consumed once thrown and each survivor can only bring a limited amount (determined by the carry limit) on a mission or raid.

There are several types available, but they are all characterized by high damage against personnel and relatively quick detonation, though they do not deal much extra damage against structures. They are best used against large clumps of infected or survivors.


Name Level Max Throw. Range Damage vs. buildings Effective Range Det. Time (seconds) Carry Limit
Canned Grenade 5 15 100 120 2 2 2
Pipe Bomb 10 15 200 240 4 2.5 2
Grenade - M26 10 14 300 450 3 3 2
Grenade - Pineapple 15 14 200 400 5 3 2
Burster Grenade 15 15 185 222 2 0.9 2
Grenade - M67 20 12 350 525 5 3 2
Improved Pipe Bomb 20 15 200 300 4 3 2


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