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Hank armed with an MP5.

Hank Morgan is a survivor in The Last Stand: Union City. If you complete his quest, he will join you as a Companion.


Hank is the owner of United Arms, a gun shop in Canal Park. During the zombie outbreak, he gave up defending his shop against the many looters that came through it, and thus allowed his guns to be taken. He is still attached to his father's old bolt-action rifle, however, and won't leave the store without it.

If the player talks to him, he'll request that they find his dad's partially assembled rifle. In return, he'll tag along with the player for the rest of the game until he dies, or is replaced by Kelly. His starting weapon is the Hunter Compact he assigns the player to find for him.


Hank, sulking in his looted shop.

Find Hank's Dad's RifleEdit




  • 0/1 Hank's Rifle
  • 0/1 Hank's Rifle Bolt


  • Enter the nearby Glendale Apartments.
  • Go upstairs.
  • Go upstairs again, to the 2nd Floor.
  • Enter Room 201, then enter the hole in the wall.
  • Get the items - they are in the cabinet on the right.
  • Go back to Hank.


  • 500 XP
  • Hank becomes your companion.


  • It is not known how Hank managed to survive through the zombie apocalypse prior to the player stumbling upon him, since Hank has been in the gun shop for quite a number of days. It could be assumed that like Darnel, Hank scavenges for supplies in his free time, and like Kelly, carries a melee weapon before the player retrieves his rifle.
  • Interestingly, zombies will not attack Hank until he is your companion.
  • Hank's rifle is a valuable asset in the early stages of the game, should players choose to forego Kelly for him, as his rifle penetrates multiple targets per shot. However, later in the game, should the players choose to keep him equipped with the same rifle, Hank's usefulness deteriorates since the number of zombies in random hordes increases greatly, which is a problem for a slow firing weapon.
  • If the players choose to leave him in the gun shop, Hank will thank them for their help, and assures them he can survive the zombie apocalypse on his own.
  • The key Hank gives to the player is the key to Room 201, while Hank lives in 202. This is because Hank's neighbor gave him a spare key to their apartment.
  • It is unknown how Hank knows there is a hole linking his room and his neighbor's room. It might be that Hank went to scavenge from his room first but forgot his Dad's rifle, or the zombies broke in through the wall instead of the boarded up door while he was holed up there, and he fought his way out.
  • Hank's quest is much harder than Kelly's quest, but it awards more XP.
  • If you have switched weapons with Kelly, when you replace her with Hank his initial weapon will be the one you gave Kelly, and the rifle will disappear, and vice versa.
Hankneedshelp sdw

Hank after being knocked down by zombies.

  • If Hank survives to get to the boat on Union Island, he will also ride on the boat in the ending (besides the player and his/her spouse).
  • If the player switches from Kelly to Hank, a horde attack is apparently sometimes triggered immediately afterwards.  This attack can kill Hank if he and the player become separated, so be prepared if you decide to switch.