Heavy Bandage
Heavy Bandage

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Medical item



The Heavy Bandage is a medical item featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Heavy cloth bandage used to treat injuries.


Venomous snake bites? Fractured bones? Sprained muscles? Unwavering pressure supplied by strong, elastic bandages can help with all three. Heavy bandages can be wrapped around a limb or extremity to suppress blood flow to that area, which can prevent venom from circulating around the body. More common usage involves immobilizing a portion of the body and to keep splints in place to allow bone and muscle to heal. Elastic bandages were originally, and some are still, made out of latex, although concerns about latex allergies has resulted in the development of bandages made out of cotton and polyester.

Commonly used by orthopedists and doctors treating sports-related injuries.

Recycling productsEdit

  • 25 Cloth

How to obtainEdit


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