This article is about the version in TLS1. For other versions, see Hunting Rifle (TLS2). For an overview, see Hunting Rifle (overview). Not to be confused with the Hunter Compact.
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Hunting Rifle
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Damage Lvl


Fire Mode


Magazine Size


The Hunting Rifle is a rifle featured in The Last Stand.


See overview page.

How to obtainEdit


The Hunting Rifle is the sixth weapon that can be scavenged, which can kill with a single headshot and is almost perfectly accurate, making it a good choice against Armored Zombies. It is ineffective against large groups, however, so carrying a fast-firing weapon as a secondary is advisable. When fired, the rifle's shot will also have a chance of penetrating a zombie, allowing the player to injure or kill another one at the same time with one bullet.


  • High Damage
  • Accurate
  • Reloads Quickly
  • Can penetrate multiple targets


  • Single-Shot


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