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For the removable junk piles, see Removable Junk.

Junk is a category of items in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit


Junktlsuc sdw

The Junk symbol in your Backpack (TLS:UC)

Junk in this game is mostly useless, as most junk items simply take up space in the Backpack. However, certain junk items may be required in some Quests. They are: 2 Bags of Nails, 1 Broken Board, 2 Broken Pipes, 1 Metal Sheeting, 1 Paper Weight, 1 Roll of Tape, and 1 Welding Rod.

Cash is classed as Junk, but is only used at King-o-Pawn, cannot be thrown away, and is weightless.

List of Junk ItemsEdit

Name Description Weight (lbs)
Antique Clock A French marble clock. 5
Bag of Bolts Small gauge bolts. 1
Bag of Nails 3 inch nails. 1
Baking Tray A muffin baking tray. 0.2
Binder File binder. 0.2
Bleach Toilet cleaning bleach. 1.0
Book A book on some topic. 0.2
Bottle Cap Wonder if these will be currency. 0.1
Box of Staples 200 x 26/6 for No. 10 Stapler. 0.5
Broken Board A broken length of wood board. 2
Broken Pen The whole ink section is missing 0.1
Broken Pipe A broken length of pipe. 2
Can of Paint Dried up sample can of paint. 1.0
Cigarettes Pack of cigarettes. 0.1
Coins Loose change. 0.1
Conditioner Hair conditioner. 0.5
Cooking Oil Vegetable based cooking oil. 1.0
Cup Ceramic cup. 0.2
Dinner Plate A dinner plate. 0.5
Dishwashing Liquid Lemony fresh dish liquid. 0.5
Egg Beater For beating eggs. 0.2
Envelope An empty paper envelope. 0.1
Files Office files. 0.1
Football A deflated football. 0.5
Fork A fork. 0.1
Hair Clip Ladies hair clip. 0.1
Hair Dryer Blow dryer for hair. 1
Hand Towel Cheap cotton hand towel. 0.2
Hole Punch AKA - confetti maker. 0.4
Hose Section of old gardening hose. 1
Magazine Weekly gossip magazine. 0.2
Metal Sheeting A small section of metal sheet. 3
Newspaper Old newspaper. 0.1
Paper Clips Box of Paper Clips. 0.2
Papers Loose papers. 0.1
Paper Weight A heavy metal paperweight. 5
Picture Frame An empty picture frame. 0.5
Place Mat Mat for dinner tables. 0.1
Poster-It Notes Large off-brand adhesive notes. 0.2
Printer Ink Cartridge of printer ink. 0.2
Roll of Tape Cheap electrical tape. 0.5
Scrubbing Brush Wood-handled stiff brush. 0.2
Scrap Paper Torn piece of paper. 0.1
Shampoo Hair shampoo. 0.5
Shot Glass Small standard shot glass. 0.2
Soap Bar of soap. 0.2
Soup Bowl A soup bowl. 0.5
Spatula For flipping eggs. 0.2
Spoon A spoon. 0.1
Stamp 'Invoiced' stamp. 0.2
Stapler Office stapler. 0.4
Steel Wool This is not wool at all! 0.1
Tape Dispenser No tape roll on it. 0.2
Tap Handle Chrome tap handle. 0.5
Tennis Ball An old dog chewed tennis ball. 0.2
Tissue For crying into. 0.1
Toothbrush Someone else's toothbrush. 0.1
Toothpaste Super whitening minty fresh. 0.2
Towel Cheap cotton towel. 0.5
Vase A cheap ceramic flower vase. 1.0
Welding Rods Those stick things that weld stuff. 1
Whisk For whisking things. 0.2
Wooden Spoon A well used wooden spoon. 0.1

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit


Junk is far more useful here, as it can be recycled into useful resources and components. Some junk is also required for crafting certain items, in particular Broom Handles. Junk might be used for tasks as well, in particular Broken Radio for Ivan Returns task. They can be found throughout the Dead Zone, though the specific types that can be found depends on the searched location's type.

Junk piles are also present throughout the compound, and survivors may be assigned to clear them in order to open up room and/or to obtain the resources inside the pile, which takes a varying amount of time depending on how many survivors are assigned.

List of junk itemsEdit


A map showing the ways to get Metal from components and junk (click to enlarge)


  • The description for the Bottle Cap in both games is a reference to the Fallout game series, where bottle caps are used as a form of currency after the nuclear apocalypse.
  • The Stapler's description in TLS:DZ is a reference to the movie Office Space.
  • The description for the Answering Machine is a reference to the TV show Seinfeld.

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