Kelly hiding in Stan's General Foods

Kelly Stanton is an NPC in The Last Stand: Union City. If you complete her quest, she'll join you as a companion.


Kelly was a clerk at Stan's General Foods in Brookvale. She was working there when the zombie outbreak struck and lost her glasses in the confusion. Unable to see, she stumbled into the storage room and had hidden herself there ever since.

If the player talks to her, she'll request that the player find her missing glasses. In return, she'll tag along with the player for the rest of the game until she dies or is replaced by Hank. Her starting weapon is a Kitchen Knife.

Help KellyEdit




  • Kelly's Glasses


  • Exit the storeroom and look around on the floor space to the right of the counter for Kelly's glasses (video guide). Once you've found it, go back to Kelly and talk to her.



  • If the player chooses to leave her in the storage room, Kelly will thank them for their help, and tells them that she'll stay there.
  • Kelly starts off more poorly equipped than Hank, who starts off with a Hunter Compact. However, should the players give her firearms, she will be just as effective with them as Hank, since the companions have identical stats.
  • If you have switched weapons with Kelly, if you replace her with Hank, his initial weapon will be the one you gave Kelly rather than the Hunter Compact he normally has, and vice versa.
  • Zombies will not attack Kelly until she becomes the player's companion.
  • Although her recruitment quest involves finding her glasses, she doesn't wear them after you complete the quest.
  • If Kelly is still alive once you reach the boat on Union Island, she will ride on the boat in the ending (along with the player and their spouse).