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For other types of Kevlar Vest in TLS:UC, see Kevlar Vest - Police or Kevlar Vest - HERC. For the gear item in TLS:DZ, see Vest.
Kevlar Vest - Army

The Last Stand: Union City




10 lbs


Reduces damage taken to the torso



The Kevlar Vest - Army is an item of clothing/armor featured in The Last Stand: Union City. It can be seen being worn by both zombified and living soldiers, as well as Dana, a survivor.


Protective vest.


A modular tactical vest issued to all U.S. Army personnel. It features inserts for additional armor plating, an array of PALS webbing that allows for the quick attachment/detachment of various pouches and mission accessories (as per the individual soldier's requirements), and enhanced protection against high-velocity projectiles, such as rifle rounds and shrapnel.


It reduces the amount of damage taken by the player (it reduces more damage than the Kevlar Vest - Police) from all attacks that hit the torso and weighs 10 lbs.

How to obtainEdit

  • Two can be found in the equipment rack on the second floor of the leftmost building in the military base. (Waterside)
  • It can be found from lucky drops or finds from Newtown onwards, which are more likely to happen with Luck and Searching maxed out.


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