Luke-warm Chocolate
Luke-warm Chocolate 2016
2016 version
Luke-warm Chocolate

+5 Water

Luke-warm Chocolate is an item that provides water featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is only available during the Z-Mas event.


We could re-heat this, but it's never as good.


Hot chocolate has never been more delicious and delightful on a cold, snowy winter day. The beverage typically consists of shaved, melted, or ground chocolate mixed with heated milk and sugar. The end result is a sweet, chocolatey drink that everyone of all ages enjoy. With the arrival of the zombie outbreak and the loss of electric stoves and heaters, the supply of hot chocolate has cooled down significantly. You could re-heat it over the fire, but it will never be as good.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

It provides +5 Water.


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