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This article is about the version in TLS2. For other versions, see M249 SAW (TLS:UC) or M249 SAW (TLS:DZ). For an overview, see M249 SAW (overview).
Tls2m249 sdw
M249 SAW
Real Life Name

FN M249 Para

Damage Lvl


Fire Mode


Magazine Size


The M249 Minimi/SAW is a light machine gun featured in The Last Stand 2.


See overview page.

How to obtainEdit


This immensely powerful weapon can only be found in Fort Tran, an entirely optional destination near the end of the game. It deals a good amount of damage and although it reloads slowly, its 200-round magazine more than makes up for any downtime consumed. It is best used by Jack, as the other survivors will definitely not take advantage of its sheer firepower.


  • Good Damage
  • Massive Magazine (largest of all weapons)
  • High RoF[1]
  • Fully-Automatic


  • Reloads Slowly (slowest of all weapons)


  1. Rate of Fire


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