Not to be confused with Medical Kit.

30% Health


0.5 lbs

Medkits are a type of medical item featured in The Last Stand: Union City.


Full first-aid kit.


Medkits, formally known as a first-aid kit, are a special kit used for storing and carrying basic medical supplies to treat basic injuries. They are often green or red in color and have the universal white cross to make them easily recognizable. Kits usually contain band-aids, tweezers, antiseptics, disposable gloves, scissors, and other personal protective equipment. While medkits are equipped to deal with most common injuries, they are usually not a replacement for professional medical treatment at a clinic or hospital.

Medkits are required by law in workplaces in the United States. They are usually well-marked by their color, location, and signage.

How to obtainEdit


They heal the most out of any item in the game, but are the rarest.


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