Tlsdz premium supply box icon

The Premium Supply Box is a supply box in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Supply box containing a SINGLE ITEM and a RANDOM BOOST.


Tlsdz premium keycard

A Premium Keycard.

They require the Premium Keycard, available at The Store or as a Raid Haul reward from the Raid on Union Island.

List of available itemsEdit

Variant 1Edit

Premium Supply Box 1

Variant 2Edit

Premium Supply Box 2

Variant 3Edit

Variant 4Edit

Premium Supply Box 4

Variant 5Edit


Variant 6Edit

  • Upgrade Token - Unique - Grade 4
  • Upgrade Token - Rare - Grade 4
  • Upgrade Token - Elite - Grade 4
  • Upgrade Token - Superior - Grade 4
  • Fuel x 500
  • Fuel x 300
  • Fuel x 200

Variant 7Edit

Premium Supply Box 7

Variant 8Edit

Premium Supply Box 8

Variant 9Edit

Premium Supply Box 9

Variant 10Edit

Premium Supply Box 10

Variant 11Edit

Premium Supply Box 11

Variant 12Edit

Premium Supply Box 12

Variant 13Edit

Premium Supply Box 13

Variant 14Edit

Premium Supply Box 14

Variant 15Edit

Premium Supply Box 15

Variant 16Edit

Premium Supply Box 16

Variant 17Edit

Premium Supply Box 17

Variant 18Edit

Premium Supply Box 18

Variant 19Edit

Premium Supply Box 19

Variant 20Edit

Premium Supply Box 20

Variant 21Edit

Premium Supply Box 21

List of random boostsEdit

When a Premium Supply box is opened, a random boost is provided. These boosts stack with each other and stack with other boosts.

Item Description Effect Duration
Crafting Boost Increases crafting quality and reduces cost. Reduces Fuel Cost of Crafting and Upgrading Items by 20%
Increase chance of Crafting Bonuses by 10%
1 hour
Health Boost Increases survivor health +15% Survivor Health 1 hour
XP Boost Increases XP from running missions. +50% Mission XP 1 day
Fuel Boost Increases chance of finding fuel Increase chances of finding fuel by 20% 1 day
Loot Boost Increases chance to find better quality weapons and gear Increases chance of Finding Quality Items by 15%
Increases chances of Finding Items by 15%
1 hour
Ammo Boost Decreases ammunition cost. -15% Ammo Cost in Missions 1 hour

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