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A Recycler

The Recycler is a general building featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


An engineering marvel that allows recycling of multiple items at once. Upgrade to increase productivity.


The Recycler allows the player to recycle multiple items at once, over a period of time. Upgrades to this structure increase its item recycling capacity, as well as aesthetic changes.

It recycles items at a rate of 1 second per item recycled, plus 5 seconds per items produced. Individual resource units count as separate items.

All items can be recycled using the Recycler, including normally unrecyclable items (certain components, Schematics and supply boxes), though there will be no items recovered in the latter case.


  • Indoor and outdoor placement.
  • Cannot be scavenged from during raids.
  • Provides Cover Moderate Cover
  • Occupies area of 2x3 squares bordered by walking area.

Upgrade levelsEdit

Upgrade Level Materials Needed Buildings Required Time Taken Effect XP Gained
Level 1 50 Wood
50 Metal
Level 1 Engineering Bench
Level 2 Workbench
4 Hours Recycles up to 30 items ?
Level 2 135 Wood
135 Metal
Level 2 Engineering Bench
Level 3 Workbench
1 Day Recycles up to 50 items ?
Level 3 375 Wood
375 Metal
Level 3 Engineering Bench
Level 4 Workbench
3 Days Recycles up to 70 items ?
Level 4 1,030 Wood
1,030 Metal
Level 4 Engineering Bench
Level 5 Workbench
3 Days Recycles up to 80 items 500
Level 5 2,840 Wood
2,840 Metal
Level 4 Windmill
Level 5 Engineering Bench
3 Days Recycles up to 90 items ?
Level 6 810 Wood
810 Metal
50 Hardened Metal
50 Treated Wood
50 Machined Parts
Level 30 Engineer 7 Days ? ?


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