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Rifles/Long Rifles[n 1] are a type of firearm featured throughout The Last Stand series. These include Battle Rifles in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


To slay the hordes at a distance, it is easy for survivors to turn to one of these trusty long guns; though chiefly made for (and often intentionally limited to) recreational purposes, rifles were generally common and available to the public. Specially manufactured military/law enforcement designs saw more exclusive distribution and are thus more difficult to find, but obtaining one can be a great boon to one's post-apocalyptic arsenal.


The Last StandEdit

The Last Stand 2Edit

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

Recons specialize in long rifles. Many long rifles suffer a "Minimum Effective Range", which decreases accuracy by 50% when a target is too close to the wielder.[1]




Mk II/CustomEdit



  1. They are known as Rifles in TLS, TLS2, and TLS:UC, and Long Rifles in TLS:DZ


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