Tlsuc scrap paper
Scrap Paper

The Last Stand: Union City




0.1 lbs

Scrap Paper is a junk item in The Last Stand: Union City.


Torn piece of paper.


Paper is always useful... for the most part. While paper is commonly depicted as being neat stacks of freshly photocopied documents, the vast majority of paper in our daily lives are jammed hurriedly in binders or briefcases, and are often torn when they're handled roughly. It's not uncommon to crumple failed homework assignments or unwanted flyers into a ball and stuff them in pockets. And paper becomes extremely fragile and messy when soaked. What's left of a once-useful sheet of paper almost looks like a dog chewed at it, and is discarded as a result.

Can be found in recycling bins all over the world.

How to obtainEdit


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