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The Small Barricade is a type of security building featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Small makeshift barricade to create distance between you and your enemy.


Barricades impede enemy movements and provide protection for any defending survivors positioned behind them. They also provide a Security bonus and can have one survivor assigned to them. Upgrades to this structure improve its Security bonus, health and Cover rating.


  • Indoor and outdoor placement.
  • Cannot be scavenged from during raids.
  • Occupies area of 1x3 squares partially bordered by walking area.
  • Destroyable (takes minimal damage from projectile weapons, takes extra damage from melee weapons).
  • 1 assignable defensive position.

Upgrade levelsEdit

Upgrade Level Materials Needed Buildings Required Time Taken Effect XP Gained
Level 1 10 Wood
15 Metal
30 Cloth
Level 1 Workbench 10 Minutes Security +1 Security
Cover Low Cover
Level 2 15 Wood
20 Metal
45 Cloth
None 40 Minutes Security +2 Security
Cover Moderate Cover
Level 3 20 Wood
35 Metal
65 Cloth
Level 2 Workbench 4 Hours Security +3 Security
Cover High Cover
Level 4 35 Wood
50 Metal
100 Cloth
None 10 Hours Security +4 Security
Cover High Cover
Level 5 45 Wood
70 Metal
150 Cloth
Level 2 Construction Yard
Level 3 Workbench
1 Day Security +5 Security
Cover High Cover

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