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Smoke Grenades are a type of active gear featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Unlike their more destructive cousins, the smoke grenade emits a thick cloud of smoke on detonation. This smoke comes in a variety of colors and can easily be used for signaling allies or screening their movements. As melee combat is unaffected, it would be unwise to use these against the infected, but it can be a lifesaver against hostile survivors equipped with firearms. Prolonged exposure may cause health problems, so don't stay in the cloud for too long.

Commonly used by the military and SWAT teams for flushing unwanted people out of areas.

How to obtainEdit

  • Level 5 Smoke Bombs can be crafted using 15 Plastic, 5 Matches, 1 Foil and 1 Canister at a Level 2+ Gear Bench for 2 Fuel.
  • Level 10 Grenade - Smoke variants can be scavenged during Level 10+ missions.


When thrown by right clicking anywhere, then clicking on the desired target, a Smoke Grenade will explode after a short period of time, releasing a thick cloud of smoke (size is dependent on the grenade's Effective Range).

This smoke reduces the accuracy of anyone within it and trying to shoot through it, but also further decreases the chance to hit those within the smoke cloud. The smoke eventually dissipates after some time.

Grenades are permanently consumed once thrown and each survivor can only bring a limited amount (determined by the carry limit) on a mission or raid.


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