Tlsuc soap

The Last Stand: Union City




0.2 lbs

The Soap is a junk item in The Last Stand: Union City.


Bar of soap.


The earliest records of soap are more than 4,000 years old in ancient Babylon, made out of water, alkali, and Chinese cinnamon oil. In the 15th century, France began industrializing the production of soap, and by the Industrial Revolution, production of soap skyrocketed in Europe and North America, further backed by an increased understanding of personal hygiene and bacteria. Modern soap is usually made from fatty acids, alkali (salt), water, and fragrance, and can be used for showers and baths, among other things.

Sold in many pharmaceutical stores.

How to obtainEdit

There are no set locations for the Soap to be found in. Having a low searching skill may assist in finding one.


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