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This article is about the add-on. For the game mode, see Survivor (game mode). For the skill, see Survival.
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An ad for the Survival Kit.

The Survival Kit is a premium add-on package for The Last Stand: Union City. It contains new weapons, outfits, a new area, extra storage, and new gameplay modes. The new items are added to the player's storage upon acquisition of the kit.

Originally it could be purchased with an Armor Games account through PayPal for as little as 0.01 USD (1 cent). As of August 1, 2016, it is free and automatically available to all players on Armor Games.[1]

Survival Kit

The Survival Kit



A save slot with the Survival Kit


Note: The Hell Slinger is the only Survival Kit weapon that isn't default in storage. It is a reward for completing the "Into the Wilds" quest.


HERC outfit

HERC outfit

  • HERC - The uniform of a HERC trooper.
Name Slot Weight
HERC Jacket [Premium] Torso 3
HERC Combat Pants [Premium] Legs 4
HERC Helmet [Premium] Head 6
HERC Mask [Premium] Face 3
Kevlar Vest - HERC [Premium] Armor 10
Survivor Outfit

Survivor Outfit

  • Survivor - This outfit is similar to Jack's.
Name Slot Weight
Survivor Jacket [Premium] Torso 3
Survivor Pants [Premium] Legs 3



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