Survivor Psychology
Survivor Psychology

The Last Stand: Dead Zone




Increases Morale effects by 20% to 49% (perm), 50% to 99% (timed)
+2% to +5% mission XP


1 Hour or Permanent

Slot lockout


Survivor Psychology is a General challenge book featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


"Often times under duress the usual affects [sic] on a persons morale can be multiplied significantly."


Disastrous events, like the zombie apocalypse, affect survivors mentally as well as physically. The sights of terror, destruction, injury, and death are all too much for humans to handle. In such times, another unfortunate event will be a bombshell on survivors. However, any good events during this time will be worth its salt to them.

Can be found in the bookshelves of psychiatrists.

How to obtainEdit

  • It can be found while scavenging in the Dead Zone.


Increases the effects of morale, both positive and negative. For instance, if survivor morale is high, equipping the book will boost the positive effect. However, if survivor morale is low, equipping the book will amplify the negative effect.


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