That Smarts
That Smarts

The Last Stand: Dead Zone




+80% to +190% Infected Damage
+10% to 25% mission XP


30 Minutes or Permanent

Slot lockout


That Smarts is a Combat challenge book featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


"Once they have risen, the driving force of the now dead may outshine that of what they were capable in life."


"Little Suzie was not capable of running that fast. Mr. Vernon could not smash a door so easily. Tina wasn't that active since she gained 60 pounds. I stabbed that guy in the stomach and shot him twice in the heart and he's still going after me!

"These... things... they will kill all of us. They are better than us. WE ARE DOOMED!"

How to obtainEdit

  • It can be found while scavenging in the Dead Zone.


The book dramatically increases the amount of damage zombies do during missions and compound horde defenses. However, it increases the amount of XP gained for each zombie that is killed.

If the player chooses to equip this book, it may be wise to use this on lower-level missions, and refrain from using melee weapons, as medics may not be able to get to or heal the wounded survivor in time if they are wielding a melee weapon.


  • The phrase "That Smarts" is often used when feeling sharp and sudden pain or distress.[1]



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