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The State is the region where the events of The Last Stand series take place in. While it is referenced in all four games of the series, it is only explored in-depth in The Last Stand 2. The state's real or colloquial name is not known, only being referred to in-game as "The State".

The state's capital appears to be Union City, the largest and most populous city with 350,148 residents. Population-wise, it is followed by Jonestown, with a population of 100,027. All other cities and towns in the state have a population less than 100,000; listed in decreasing order of population, the remaining towns are Claysburg, Glendale, Whistler's Grove, and Aspenwood. The state is also home to Fort Tran, a military base, whose population is unknown. The western part of the state appears to be heavily forested, possibly based upon the Appalachia region, home to popular hunting spots. The eastern portion of the state contains 90% of the state's urban population, and may be a part of (or a reference to) "BosNYWash".

During the outbreak, HERC and the military organized quarantines around the state in a failed attempt to contain the infection. The government begins evacuating survivors in Union City, prompting an exodus of the western towns. A dramatic increase in infection rates in Union City induces the government to end evacuations prematurely and to seal off the mainland, effectively trapping those still on it.

The most detailed source involving the events that occurred around the state is found in the timeline shown on loading screens in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Read more >>

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