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Welcome to The Last Stand Wiki!

The Last Stand Wiki is a collaborative wiki about The Last Stand series of games produced by Con Artist Games. Since our creation on September 30, 2010, 1,742 articles have been created, and more may come!

We welcome any and all users, experienced or not, to the wiki. Anyone is free to edit as long as they understand English. However, please refrain from vandalizing the wiki.

If you are new to wikis in general, you may want to read through the Help Pages first. Please stop by the Community Portal to see where you can get involved with the project!



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Leader 360 public

The Leader is a survivor class in The Last Stand: Dead Zone that doubles as the player's character. The Leader's level and XP influences the level of the compound. Leaders are incredibly versatile, able to take on roles normally played by other survivor classes, and are the only ones, aside from the medic, who can heal other survivors during missions. They are specialized with all weapons, and will always gain XP from missions, even when they are not physically present. Players have the option to upgrade a Leader's skill group when they level up, which can be used to fill in for any unavailable specialists. Read more >>

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News & Announcements

  • K6ka

    Con Artist Games has finally released the Roadmap for The Last Stand: Dead Zone. The team has been busy with Warfare Online recently, but (Thankfully!) they have not forgotten about the Dead Zone.

    While the 5th anniversary celebrations seem to have concluded, Con Artist Games have said that they plan on celebrating throughout the year. Not sure if there will be stuff in-game for us, or if it's just…

    Read more >
  • K6ka

    2016 End of Year Reflection

    December 31, 2016 by K6ka
    satisfied what was laid out on the roadmap? (click to enlarge)]]

    2016 has been a hectic year, no doubt. There were some ups, but a lot of downs, and I don't think I really need to list off some of the more obvious examples. What I do want to mention, however, is how poverty and misery still grips our world. I think we as humans can do better.

    Anyways, this blog post will focus on what has happened on t…

    Read more >
  • K6ka

    Wikia is now rebranding itself from plain old "Wikia" to "Fandom powered by Wikia". The clunky new name comes after Wikia supposedly is changing its business practice from being a wiki-farm hosting wikis that house boatloads of information to being a fansite where fans of all ages get together and, well, be fans.

    An overwhelming number of users have spoken out against this, particularly among the …

    Read more >


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Did you know...

  • ...that there is a glitch in safehouses where zombies can spawn inside the safehouse during certain circumstances?

  • ...that Haitian Clairvius Narcisse claimed he was turned into a zombie by a combination of powerful neurotoxins and hallucinogens?

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TIP: There are Schematics for high quality items out in the Dead Zone
—A message from the broadcaster (TLS:DZ)

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