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Welcome to The Last Stand Wiki, a wiki about The Last Stand series of games produced by Con Artist Games. Anyone is free to edit the wiki, as it does not require registration or knowledge of any code except English. However, vandalism of any kind is strictly prohibited, and vandals may be banned from editing.

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The Last Stand series

The Last Stand

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What would you do as soon as you somehow got out of the Dead Zone?

The poll was created at 19:50 on March 18, 2014, and so far 125 people voted.

Below is an archive of past poll results. They can also be found in the page history.

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    Con recently announced on the Con Artist Games forums that he will be shutting down The Last Stand: Dead Zone on April 21, 2014. Copied from the forums:

    This doesn't have to end. The Last Stand: Dead Zone is too popular to die this soon. If you would like to continue to care for your survivors instead of dooming them to an eternity of loneliness, please take a few minutes to sign the petition and …

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    Building the New Home Page

    March 20, 2014 by K6ka

    Before we begin, I would like to apologize to Yahoo! Games players, who got to play The Last Stand: Dead Zone on their website on March 6, but we never actually announced it. Survive well!

    Anyways, as some editors have requested, the wiki's home page is going to be revamped, tweaked, and redesigned. We hope that the new home page will look much nicer and be more organized than the current one.


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  • 2

    I never thought it would come to this. Two full years in the Dead Zone. And we have all survived this long. The game has come a very long way since its humble beginnings - with the Bounty Office, Alliances, and tons and tons of new weapons and gear. We've made incredible progress since then.

    The wiki has changed a lot as well, with the return of me and several new members of the wiki. Each clothing …

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Hah! Don’t think it’ll make a difference to them, the bastards, the pews make a fairly decent barricade though.

A lot of stores around here, hopefully I can dig up some supplies.

Note: I’ve seen a number of them carrying weapons, could get nasty.
-Jack's Diary Entry when entering Claysburg (TLS2)

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