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Raiding is currently the only form of PvP in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Any player, regardless of level, may attempt to raid another compound by selecting that compound from the neighborhood screen and clicking "Attack". Players cannot raid those that are 6 or more levels higher or 2 or more levels lower than themselves. Players can choose the survivors, weapons, and gear to be used on the raid, much like a regular mission. Once initiated, the raid functions similarly to a normal mission, except that the opponents are any survivors defending the enemy compound, and any loot scavenged on the mission will be from the compound's structures. Only resources can be stolen, and only those in the compound's storage and production structures. Raids have an eight minute time limit — once the timer expires, or when the raiders leave early, the raid ends and the player that was raided will receive a raid report the next time they log in. They may choose to launch a retaliation raid on the raider, or place the raider's name on the Bounty Office. Players can prevent their compound from being raiding, either by purchasing protection or by equipping the White Flag book.

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  • K6ka

    March is coming to a close, and April is upon us in just a few days! Let's wrap up the final days of March with the following:

    • Con Artist Games makes it very clear that hacking will never be tolerated. This comes after entire alliances were disbanded after their members were reported to have helped their leader hack the game to quickly level up and gain an impressive fuel supply. If you remember l…

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  • K6ka

    How's the new stuff last week going? Enjoying the Incinerator or the Upgrade Tokens? Not much new this week, but we do need your help on the wiki!

    Nothing new to report on at the moment, so let's skip to...

    • We need people to expand the Incinerator and Upgrade Token articles! You do not need an account to edit, just Be Bold and help us!
    • We need help in expanding the article! If you have any pictures of…

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  • K6ka

    There's a lot to cover this week, so let's get straight to...

    All of these changes roll out March 16th!

    • A new building is coming — the Incinerator! The Incinerator is a sweet new structure that will eat through large quantities of unwanted crap in your inventory at a time! It will cost 10 per burn, and each upgrade to the structure can destroy more items!]] 20:10, March 14, 2015 (UTC)
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