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Injury Update
Injuries are a game mechanic in The Last Stand: Dead Zone that may occur when survivors take damage when their health is below 50%, when their health is fully depleted, or when they are caught outside the exit zones when a mission ends. Injuries are divided into two categories: minor and major. Survivors can receive minor injuries if they take damage whilst their health is below 50%; a major injury is incurred if they are incapacitated. All injuries remove a portion of health that cannot be healed during missions or raids, as well as decreasing certain skills depending on the type of injury and penalizing morale, with the effect of major injuries being greater than those of minor ones. All injuries heal by themselves given enough time, although they can also be healed immediately with medical items or with fuel. Read more >>

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  • K6ka

    Happy Independence Day to all our American survivors! And even if you're not American, surely you've seen the American pride and patriotism around the Dead Zone.

    I'd dress up in blue and wear stripes but you see, I'm not American either.

    • Independence Day is here! There are lots to do this Independence Day weekend! Be sure to dip your hands into the new packages available (one is FREE, claim it ASAP!…

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  • K6ka

    In a flash, June's over! How the time flies... and it also means I should seriously consider touching up my resume for a summer job.

    Anyways, while I'm at it, I shall leave you with the last weekly news post of June...

    • New patch... and it's the Island Update!
      • ...nah, I'm kidding. It was actually just a bug fix to correct a bug that allowed multiple survivors to attack a single target simultaneously…

    Read more >
  • K6ka

    With the 21st of June comes the changing of seasons, with summer in the north and winter in the south. It also means the time for me to get off my lazy bum and actively look for a job... but enough of my personal matters. Without further ado...

    • New reporting system for chat. We'll soon be seeing a new abuse reporting system for the in-game chat room. If you see someone violating the chat rules, clic…

    Read more >


Con has released some teaser images that seem to hint towards the upcoming Island Update. What do you think awaits us on Union Island?

The poll was created at 22:11 on June 20, 2015, and so far 32 people voted.

Below is an archive of past poll results. They can also be found in the page history.

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  • ...that Dana is invincible during combat?

  • ..that in The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2, if you start shooting with an automatic weapon and change to another weapon while firing, it will fire with the same RoF as the previous weapon?

  • ...that 101,555 edits have been made on our wiki?

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