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The Compound is a location in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is the final part of the Raid on Union Island, and is the highest level location in the entire game. Compounds typically drop large amounts of weapons, gear items, and ammunition, along with some food and water.

The map is very large, with its many containers scattered across the map. The infected variant of the map has a high spawn rate which, combined with the map's incredible size, make it difficult for survivors to scavenge all the containers without a scavenger. Most zombie spawn points are located along the edges of the map, with the notable exception of a spawn point in the middle.

The two HERC variants of the map both offer two routes to the exit zone. One route involves fighting more HERC troopers, while the other has more snipers and mines to worry about. All routes involve entering the compound in one way or another.

Due to the size and nature of the map, long rifles and light machine guns are the best weapons of choice. Read more >>

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  • ...that the two HERC troopers outside the HERC Outpost and the three non-interactable soldiers outside the Stadium can be shoved, and sometimes they will die?

  • ...that Union City had a population of 350,148 before the outbreak?

  • ...that we have a robot?

  • ...that mummies are not usually regarded as zombies because they are physically preserved, while zombies are constantly in a state of decay?

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