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Scavenger MF TLS-DZ
The scavenger is a survivor class in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Scavengers have the highest scavenging speed of any survivor class, and they increase the chance of finding items on missions by 2%. However, their low health, combined with their poor fighting skills, makes them ineffective in combat, requiring them to be supported and defended by more proficient survivors. Read more >>

Recently featured: Injury · Stars Wor™ - Plastic Laser Sword · Engineer

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News & Announcements

  • K6ka

    Ah, the 1st of August. Things are looking up in the Dead Zone: now you can finally strike back at HERC, the monsters that locked you in this city. Go in, take their stuff, and get back out as fast as you can. Kill some of their members while you're at it!

    Things are buzzing on the wiki too, and with the new Union Island Raid update, we need your help more than ever to get all the new additions to …

    Read more >
  • K6ka

    July is coming to a close (already), and in fact, next week will be exactly August 1st... now that's so accurate, it's almost scary.

    Anyways, big changes are coming up next week, which are bound to excite HERC haters around the Dead Zone! Union Island has long been shrouded in mystery even in The Last Stand: Union City, where you had very little time to explore the island as an infinite horde of infe…

    Read more >
  • K6ka

    The treasures of Union Island has been revealed to us at last! You may have seen it here, but if you haven't, well, do check it out!

    • One word... click me. Now!

    • There is a proposal on modifying the layout of our weapons, gear, and clothing item pages! Please see User blog:K6ka/Changing the weapons pages (again) and/or Forum:Changing the weapons pages (again) for the details!
    • We need help in expanding the …

    Read more >


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  • ...that the player's spouse is named "Bethany" if the player is a male, and "Matthew" if the player is a female?

  • ...that certain structures can only be built during certain times of the year?

  • ...that the Zombie Survival Guide suggests that older weapons may be more effective at dealing with zombies than newer ones?

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