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HERC, an acronym for Homeland Environmental Risk Control, is a fictional government organization in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone. When the infection broke out, HERC was called in to Union City and the surrounding regions to investigate and research the outbreak, as well as setting up quarantine zones to contain it. During their operations, they fired on and killed many civilians, as well as conducting involuntary experiments on recently bitten people at their outpost in Uptown. They later pulled out of the city, leaving many of their quality weapons behind, which can be obtained in HERC Supply Boxes.

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    Hark! Dead Zone! There will be no falling asleep at your post! Better stay awake or the ghosts, goblins, witches, and wizards will get you... or at least the zombies.

    • New Community Task Available - Hallowed Object of Protection. Some mysterious figure has appeared and asks for 10 Hallowed Teeth, 5 Hallowed Hair Tufts, and 5 Hallowed Clothing Scraps. In return they'll give you a Hallowed Object Box…

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    Halloween is coming up! Well, sadly, the wiki doesn't have a Halloween theme... (maybe next year?) but the game certainly does! Have you seen the mysterious figure on the loading screen? I have a feeling he's someone we've met before...

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    • New items in Premium Supply Boxes available! Deck your survivors out with the Acid, The Golden God, The Maw, and the Alpine C…

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  • ...that the Sportshot .45 is nicknamed the "Sports**t" by some players due to its poor stats?

  • ...that Dana is invincible during combat?

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I left the city and abandoned the HERC outpost I was assigned to. They're doing terrible things to civilians, unspeakable things. I mean, I'm just a hematologist. I didn't want to be a part of it.

I'm trying to find some way to fix this, the infection originated out here somewhere and I think that maybe, just maybe, the answers are out here too—in the blood.

Help me gather samples from the corpses out in the area, would you?
-Dr. Phillip Best (TLS:UC)

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