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Leader 360 public

The Leader is a survivor class in The Last Stand: Dead Zone that doubles as the player's character. The Leader's level and XP influences the level of the compound. Leaders are incredibly versatile, able to take on roles normally played by other survivor classes, and are the only ones, aside from the medic, who can heal other survivors during missions. They are specialized with all weapons, and will always gain XP from missions, even when they are not physically present. Players have the option to upgrade a Leader's skill group when they level up, which can be used to fill in for any unavailable specialists. Read more >>

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  • K6ka

    For the past two years or so I've kept a weekly news blog going on the wiki. From the very first edition to the latest one so far, the format has generally changed little, talking about new additions to the game, latest wiki news, occasionally some other news, and the wiki's front page poll. All weekly news blogs are listed at Category:Weekly news, and so far 113 editions have been released.

    When …

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  • K6ka

    Another Saturday means another news post! Without further ado...

    There is currently nothing new to report on at the moment.

    • New articles: No new articles were created over the past week, but that doesn't mean existing articles weren't improved! (Note that, at any time, you can pull up an automatically-generated list of new articles at Special:NewPages)
    • Nominate and vote for your favorite article to r…

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  • K6ka

    Another Saturday means another news post! Without further ado...

    How are those HERC Prototypes coming along? Good? Well, there doesn't appear to be anything new recently, so we'll move on to...

    So, this month, we again don't have a featured article! Be sure to nominate a quality article that we're not aware of for the featured article position, and if it's good we'll put it up immediately. If that …

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