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The spouse is a major character in The Last Stand: Union City, and is central to the game's storyline. The objective of the game is to locate the player's spouse, rescue them from HERC, and escape Union City with them. If the player is male, the spouse will be female and named Bethany. If the player is female, the spouse will be male and named Matthew. Their surname and skin tone is identical to the player. Once rescued, the spouse will follow the player like a companion, although they will not attack zombies, and zombies will ignore them.

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    It seems that January just started yesterday... and now it's done already! Man, does time fly by... anyways, allow us to get on with the news, because it's new, and new is good!

    • Changing to Alliance Wars announced.

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    It's 24 days into the New Year and already a lot has been done over the wiki! Let's keep this up, guys!

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    Thanks to Z Creator for helping with the backgrounds and images for the newly created component and junk item pages! Remember, everyone's allowed to help out, so just Be Bold!

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