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Missions are the primary form of gameplay in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Players can run missions in order to collect supplies for the compound, while simultaneously battling hordes of the undead and gaining experience. Missions can take place in any location that is not locked. Players must choose which survivor to bring alone during the mission, as well as their weapon and any gear items. Players can choose to play the mission manually or automate the mission — the success rate of automated missions is determined by the survivors brought on the mission, as well as their weapons, gear, and class. If the player chooses to play the mission manually, they are taken to the location and are able to control the survivors they brought along. There is a 7-minute time limit on missions, indicated by a timer at the top of the screen. Players should aim to scavenge as many containers as possible on the map, all the while defending against zombies that spawn in waves. If the timer expires, or if the player chooses to leave manually, any survivor not on an exit zone (marked on the map in green) will be incapacitated. When the mission ends and at least one survivor survives the mission without being incapacitated, all survivors who went on the mission gain XP, and any items scavenged from the location will be immediately added to the inventory. If all survivors are incapacitated, all items scavenged on that mission are lost; however, any XP gained on the mission will still be kept.

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  • K6ka

    It's another Saturday, and that means another news blog! Without further ado...

    • New changes in alliances: Leaving an alliance during a war will remove your points
      • If you equip the White Flag book during a war, you will kiss your war points goodbye. Now this is being extended to actually leaving the alliance. If you get kicked or voluntarily leave, your points are removed.]] 14:44, April 18, 2015 (…

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  • K6ka

    About a year ago, we decided to move our weapons pages to separate pages according to the games they appeared in. For example, if a weapon appeared in and , it would get three articles: an article about the TLS:UC version, an article about the TLS:DZ version, and an overview page that linked to both versions. (More details here)

    We've had this system for some time now, and we've been looking at t…

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  • K6ka

    It's another Saturday, and that means another news blog! Without further ado...

    • Crafting kits revealed! Finally, something to really make crafting interesting! Crafting kits are an optional component that can be used to give your craftables a new stat, or boost an existing one. They come in 4 different levels of quality: Incomplete, Complete, Refined, and Combination. Each level of quality has a dif…

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  • ...that the player's spouse is named "Bethany" if the player is a male, and "Matthew" if the player is a female?

  • ...that the English word "zombie" is first recorded in 1819, in a history of Brazil by the poet Robert Southey?

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