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TLSDZ collection of books

Books are a type of item featured in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone, and serve primarily as a supportive role in both games, albeit an important one.

In The Last Stand: Union City, books are one-time skill boosters, with each skill in the game having their own associated skill-increasing book. The effectiveness of books is directly connected to the player's Smarts skill. Eleven different types of books exist in the final release of the game, although the player can read multiple copies of the same book, and receive the same boost in skills from each one.

In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, books play a similar role to mods in that they affect gameplay, either for the player's benefit or detriment. Books can be found while scavenging, opening supply boxes, purchased directly from The Store, or as bonus rewards for purchasing fuel. Unlike its predecessor, books are equipped; up to four may be equipped at a time, and only one from each of the five book categories: Combat, General, Mission, Resource, and Survival. Some books may be equipped indefinitely, while others have an expiry time. Some books may also lock out the slot they occupy for a period of time, preventing the player from removing them until their lockout timer expires. Read more >>

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  • K6ka

    Tomorrow's the first day of May! Shame we didn't get a featured article this month, and life's been getting stressful on my end, but have no fear, the wiki's not dead! As long as people like you keep reading and editing our wiki, it is not dead!

    So, let's close this month with...

    Well, there hasn't been any updates to the game recently, as Con was at Pax-East.

    Read more >
  • K6ka

    Another Saturday means another news post! Without further ado...

    • The Suburbs Are Here: New Horizons Update Now Live! New locations, new districts, new equipment! The future is bright.

    Read more >
  • K6ka

    Another Saturday means another news post! Without further ado...

    • The Suburbs Are Coming: New Horizons Update.
      • The suburbs of Waterside and Green Plains, located outside of the wall that has quarantined the Dead Zone for more than four years, are finally accessible again. Wide streets, massive yards, and a lot of infected.
      • Leaving the city? Campgrounds and farmhouses dot the countryside and the fore…

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