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Tlsdz facebook raidonunionisland

The Raid on Union Island is a special player vs. environment mode featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone that permits the player to launch a direct attack on HERC. It is only available for players who are at or above Level 50, and can be initiated by clicking on Union Island on the map. Players can select up to five survivors to attempt the raid, along with any weapons and gear they may have. Ammo cost is only applied once during the raid, although the player cannot change or modify the survivors and their weapons and gear, and cannot heal their injuries, until the raid ends. Any survivors sent on the raid cannot leave the island until the raid is completed, abandoned, or if they are incapacitated. There is no time limit on completion of the raid.

The island is divided into three locations: The Bridge, the Monument, and the Compound. Each of the three may either spawn infected or human enemies, but never both. If the map spawns infected enemies, the raid functions similarly to a normal mission. If the map spawns human enemies, the raid is similar to that of a regular compound raid. All locations have the same objective — reach the exit zone within ten minutes. At least one survivor must be on the exit zone when the timer expires in order to move on to the next location.

Raid points can be earned during the raid. Points are earned by successfully bringing survivors to the exit zone, and from completing optional secondary objectives. A special "Raid Haul" containing three random items will be awarded to players who complete the entire raid with at least 50 or more raid points. Players who earn more points will receive a better quality raid haul. Read more >>

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    Another Saturday means yet another news post! Without further ado...

    • Inventory Research — Show Con your Components!
      • Con is doing research in the components that players have in-game. It's for a secret surprise sometime in the future. If you're interested, please see the official forum thread!

    • New featured article for the month of October 2015! Please welcome Raid on Union Island to our little hall o…

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  • K6ka

    Another Saturday means yet another news post! Without further ado...

    • Design a supply box! Con has kindly permitted players to submit suggestions for future Premium and regular supply boxes, which will drop before Halloween. Tell him what YOU want to see in the game in the official forum thread!
    • Update #4 - Coming Soon. Four new items for low to mid level players! See, Con didn't forget about the chum…

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    Already halfway through September, and things have definitely warmed up... or is it cooled down? The weather has taken a turn towards the bottom, but with summer break over for most of the world it's back to serious, serious business.

    So, with serious business on its way, a serious news post is warranted...

    • Update #4 - Coming Soon. Four new items for low to mid level players! See, Con didn't forge…

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