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Suburban Street (OUT)
The suburban street is a searchable location featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. They are an abundant source of food, water, weapons, and ammunition. The level of a suburban street is always two levels higher than the area it is in.

Suburban streets are very large maps, so having a dedicated scavenger is a must in order to reach all the containers. Zombie spawn points are scattered across the map, and will likely result in zombies coming from every direction. In addition, a number of containers are positioned very close to the spawn points, making them very dangerous places to be.

The map, however, does offer survivors a number of advantages. There are few shot-blocking obstructions, which allows survivors to detect and pick off zombies from a distance. Low-lying fences around the front yards of the houses restrict movement but not gunfire; survivors can seek shelter behind these fences, which will buy them more time to shoot as zombies will have to detour around the fence to get at the survivors.

Assault rifles and long rifles are the weapons of choice here, as their long range and efficiency will allow survivors to dominate the vastness of the map. Read more >>

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News & Announcements

  • K6ka

    Greetings, fellow survivor.

    It has been a month since the big raid was made available to us. How much loot have you been able to plunder from those corrupt government bastards? Pillage the island, in the name of the Dead Zone! Viva la revolución!

    • The bug where items would randomly disappear from your loadouts has now been fixed.

    Read more >
  • K6ka

    This news edition came out three days late, but that doesn't matter! I had some real life commitments I had to attend to, and you know, I'm glad I did, because life in the Dead Zone can be pretty stressful.

    Anyways, let's just get on with this overdue news post...

    • New Inventory Upgrades now available!
      • You can now upgrade your inventory to a maximum of 2000 slots! Great if you're the mass-collector …

    Read more >
  • K6ka

    We're halfway through August and it's time for another update! Without further ado...

    • Raiders will get a new compound layout to toy with after the next update! High line-of-sight blocking cover has been added to the three open sides of the compound, and another object to take cover behind on the parking lot side is now present. This change is experimental and if it is not liked by the community, it …

    Read more >


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  • ...that certain weapons were considered "overpowered" when The Last Stand: Dead Zone was first released, so the developers changed the level drops of those weapons and tagged weapons with the older stats with the vintage tag?

  • ...that Dana is invincible during combat?

  • ...that 105,304 edits have been made on our wiki?

  • ...that the U.S. Military has an official plan in place in case of a real-life zombie apocalypse?

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