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Raiding is currently the only form of PvP in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Any player, regardless of level, may attempt to raid another compound by selecting that compound from the neighborhood screen and clicking "Attack". Players cannot raid those that are 6 or more levels higher or 2 or more levels lower than themselves. Players can choose the survivors, weapons, and gear to be used on the raid, much like a regular mission. Once initiated, the raid functions similarly to a normal mission, except that the opponents are any survivors defending the enemy compound, and any loot scavenged on the mission will be from the compound's structures. Only resources can be stolen, and only those in the compound's storage and production structures. Raids have an eight minute time limit — once the timer expires, or when the raiders leave early, the raid ends and the player that was raided will receive a raid report the next time they log in. They may choose to launch a retaliation raid on the raider, or place the raider's name on the Bounty Office. Players can prevent their compound from being raiding, either by purchasing protection or by equipping the White Flag book.

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  • K6ka

    So February, the little runt of the Gregorian calendar, is coming to a close. A brand new month awaits us. Ready for the future?

    • Day 1095 of the story timeline revealed! It reads: Day 1095 - Multiple small water craft sighted off the coast of the Docks region. Could Con be continuing the storyline for The Last Stand series?

    Update 1 Mar 2015New featured article for March 2015: Raiding.

    • There is a discuss…

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  • K6ka

    The Last Stand: Dead Zone turns three tomorrow! With that being said, 3rd Birthday Boxes are available from your packages — be sure to claim them before they expire!

    • New patch for the game released. Not a lot of changes, just a few bug fixes. (See changelog).
    • The Last Stand: Dead Zone turns 3 years old on February 22, 2015! As mentioned above, 3rd Birthday Boxes are available, along with unique boost…

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  • K6ka

    Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you're all having a good one so far. Shame there probably won't be much love to find in this forsaken city, but don't lose hope! Someday, we'll get out of this place. Someday...

    There are no recent announcements from the developers as of this time, so let's move on.

    • There is a discussion on whether we should enable the new forum extension to enhance community discussions…

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  • ...that certain weapons were considered "overpowered" when The Last Stand: Dead Zone was first released, so the developers changed the level drops of those weapons and tagged weapons with the older stats with the vintage tag?

  • ...that Barry looks quite similar to Darnel in terms of body size and shape?

  • ..that in The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2, if you start shooting with an automatic weapon and change to another weapon while firing, it will fire with the same RoF as the previous weapon?

  • ...that 93,026 edits have been made on our wiki?

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