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Survivors are uninfected individuals who can join and fight with the player, and are present in all games of The Last Stand series. Survivors can be obtained while scavenging in The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2, completing quests in The Last Stand: Union City, and by filling up the Compound Progress Report in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Survivors are a crucial component for surviving in all four games, as the player is unlikely to be able to survive on their own.

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  • ...that the player's spouse is named "Bethany" if the player is a male, and "Matthew" if the player is a female?

  • ...that Union City had a population of 350,148 before the outbreak?

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  • ...that there are two theories on the origin of zombies? (1. a cursed person dies and comes back as a zombie, and 2. a person contracts a virus or is exposed to radiation, which causes strange mutations in their cells that transforms them into a zombie.)

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