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Z-Mas is here! What do you plan to do this year?

The poll was created at 12:41 on December 18, 2014, and so far 10 people voted.

Below is an archive of past poll results. They can also be found in the page history.

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Welcome to the Last Stand Wiki

The Last Stand Wiki is a wiki about the Last Stand series of games produced by Conartist. Anyone can edit the wiki, but vandalism of any kind is strictly prohibited and you may get banned for vandalizing. Please see the Things we need to do section below for stuff you can do. Anything done on that list will be extremely welcome, thanks.

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Please, Please, PLEASE help us do the following things. Editing does not require Registration or ANY knowledge of HTML Code or any other type of code except English.

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  • K6ka

    With only 5 days to Christmas, things are starting to heat up despite the weather in the Dead Zone. We've got lots of work to do still to make this Christmas an awesome one. But, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you have to know that the year is coming to an end as well. So goes another year in the Dead Zone... will we ever leave this place?

    Goodbye 2014, hello 2015!

    Countdown to Christmas (UTC):

    Countdown to the New Year (UTC):

    • Z-Mas is here! Go out and get scavenging! There are Z-Mas Boxes a…

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  • K6ka

    Ready to get your Z-Mas spirit on? There's lots to be thankful about this year — hey, simply being a survivor in the zombie apocalypse is something to be grateful about! Let's hope the rest of this year passes smoothly, and we all make it to 2015... together! And most importantly, ALIVE!

    • Chat Strike System introduced. To make the rules and consequences of abusing the in-game chat system clear, a "Strike System" has been implemented. Basically, if you violate the chat rules, you will be given a s…

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  • K6ka

    HO! HO! HO! It's December, the month of Z-Mas! Wherever Santa went, he's probably infected with the zombie virus. So if you want a jolly, fat, old man to ask for your spoiled gifts from his sweatshop factories staffed by elves without having to be bit and incapacitated, you can talk to me! I may not be fat and I may not be old, but I am jolly!

    Let's get the Christmas tree set up! But first, let's get updated...

    • Alliance Wars delayed due to bugs in Individual Rewards system. The alliance wars have go…

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