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Should Con unlock more areas of the city (e.g. Green Plains, Whistler's Forest)?

The poll was created at 12:01 on November 16, 2015, and so far 29 people voted.

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Welcome to the Last Stand Wiki

The Last Stand Wiki is a wiki about the Last Stand series of games produced by Conartist. Anyone can edit the wiki, but vandalism of any kind is strictly prohibited and you may get banned for vandalizing. Please see the Things we need to do section below for stuff you can do. Anything done on that list will be extremely welcome, thanks.

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Please, Please, PLEASE help us do the following things. Editing does not require Registration or ANY knowledge of HTML Code or any other type of code except English.

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  • K6ka

    Can you believe it's been another month already? A month ago we were killing berserkers; now, we're running around with turkey on our heads! Happy Thanksgiving!

    If you're not out doing your Thanksgiving mebuyalot frenzies, we hope that you're actually tending to your survivors, making sure their food and water stocks are high enough to have a Thanksgiving feast. Oh, and don't forget about the real party coming up in just under a month: Z-Mas!

    But first, let's look at what's happened this past week. …

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  • K6ka

    There's something in the air of the Dead Zone! Is it the smell of turkey being roasted in the oven? Is it the smell of rotting corpses left over from Halloween? Or is it the smell of... progress?

    Progress is in the air with the all-new Research update! The wiki needs your help to create and improve on the articles about the new Research update! Stop by the to-do list at any time to see what needs to be done!

    • Research Update! The update came out on November 19,

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  • K6ka

    We would like to observe a brief moment of silence for those affected by the recent terrorist attacks on Paris. We also ask that, if you haven't shown your support on social media already, to express a message of condolence with the hashtag #PrayForParis. We also encourage you to "French Flag" your avatar to show your support; you can use this link to add a little French flare to your avatar.




    ...time to move on! Let's kick off this week's edition with...

    • The Research Update. The Research…

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