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Welcome to the Last Stand Wiki

The Last Stand Wiki is a wiki about the Last Stand series of games produced by Conartist. Anyone can edit the wiki, but vandalism of any kind is strictly prohibited and you may get banned for vandalizing. Please see the Things we need to do section below for stuff you can do. Anything done on that list will be extremely welcome, thanks.

Stuff We Need To Do

Please, Please, PLEASE help us do the following things. Editing does not require Registration or ANY knowledge of HTML Code or any other type of code except English.

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    Of course. It's that time of the week again. Let's see what's up with the Dead Zone, because it's not just abandoned, badly damaged buildings and zombies here.

    Ahem... erm... no official announcements from Con Artist Games, from what I see in the forums. Is the bug where Raiding practice mode disabled the White Flag book fixed?

    The wiki could really use your help on some of these things...

    • The components page could use some updating. If you see something that's missing from the list, don't be afra…

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    Allow me to warm up the printing presses before I roll out this next edition of The Last Stand Wiki. And while I'm at it, you can look at the computer screen and see what I wrote.

    • 'There has been a slight error in accounts banned for hacking. This error is slightly similar to an autoblock, I'm guessing. The issue here is, when an account is banned for hacking, the system would look for alt accounts, presumably via IP addresses, and ban those as well. Predictably, this results in a lot of innocen…

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    A lot has been going on this week at The Last Stand Wiki, and there's still so much more to be done! So, let's get the gears of this wiki turning even faster! But first...

    It's been a fairly quiet week so far as official announcements go.

    • A bug has been found with the new Raiding Practice mode! The White Flag book has been reported to stop working correctly if it is equipped during a raid practice. To re-enable protection, unequip, wait for the cooldown timer to expire, and re-equip again. Con Ar…

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