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So what did you think of this year's Halloween?

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Welcome to the Last Stand Wiki

The Last Stand Wiki is a wiki about the Last Stand series of games produced by Conartist. Anyone can edit the wiki, but vandalism of any kind is strictly prohibited and you may get banned for vandalizing. Please see the Things we need to do section below for stuff you can do. Anything done on that list will be extremely welcome, thanks.

Stuff We Need To Do

Please, Please, PLEASE help us do the following things. Editing does not require Registration or ANY knowledge of HTML Code or any other type of code except English.

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    Well, let's just get straight to this overdue news blog *whoops*.

    • The game servers for The Last Stand: Dead Zone will be restarted WEEKLY for maintenance purposes. You will not be able to access the game from ANY website while they're being restarted. Servers will be down for about 15 to 30 minutes. The times are shown below:
      • UTC/GMT - Monday, 3 AM
      • PST - Sunday, 7 PM
      • EST - Sunday, 10 PM
      • Australian Eastern Time - Monday, 2 PM

    • We are looking for submissions for our Christmas theme this year! Please see …

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    We're currently accepting submissions for this year's Z-Mas theme, which will roll out sometime near Christmas. Take a look at Forum:A Christmas theme if you're interested in contributing!

    The deadline is December 24 (earlier is better), so if you have an idea, submit it soon!

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    Hello there, . I am K6kaBOT, the hard-working, high-tech, advanced robot run by K6ka. I'll be doing this week's edition of "The Last Stand Wiki News".

    • Build 2540 is out. This version fixes the AI of defending survivors during compound raids. They should be picking enemy survivors to shoot at more wisely now.
    • Starting next Alliance War Round (#35), the cost of starting an alliance will INCREASE to 1000 . If you plan on starting an alliance, now's the time to do it, otherwise let's hope you have the …

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