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Level 2 Training Center
Level 2 Training Center
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The Training Center is a type of general building featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Allows the training of survivors into different roles. Upgrades shorten the training time.


The Training Center allows the player to retrain their survivors into a different class after a period of time, determined by the levels of the retraining survivor and the Training Center. Retraining causes the survivor to drop 2 levels and lose any XP they had accumulated.

It is possible to retrain survivors more than once.


  • Outdoor placement only
  • Cannot be scavenged from during raids.
  • Occupies area of 5x5 squares bordered by walking area
  • Provides Cover Moderate Cover.

Upgrade LevelsEdit

Upgrade Level Materials Needed Buildings Required Time Taken Effect
Level 1 500 Wood
500 Metal
500 Cloth
3 Ropes
20 Nails
5 Pipes
Level 1 Construction Yard 8 Hours Retrains survivors at a rate of 30 minutes per survivor level
Level 2 1,000 Wood
1,000 Metal
1,000 Cloth
Level 2 Construction Yard 12 Hours Retrains survivors at a rate of 24 minutes per survivor level
Level 3 2,000 Wood
2,000 Metal
2,000 Cloth
5 Ropes
30 Nails
10 Pipes
Level 3 Construction Yard 1 Day Retrains survivors at a rate of 20 minutes per survivor level

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