For the location in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, see Police Station.
Ucpdexterior sdw

The exterior of the Union City Police Department.

The Union City Police Department,[n 1] or the building's official name, the Union City 11th Precinct Station House,[n 2] is a police station located in Uptown, a section of Union City, in The Last Stand: Union City.


Ucpd gun cage tlsuc

The gun locker of the UCPD.

The police station has 2 floors and contains several rooms:


  1. This article is about the police station found in TLS:UC. While there are certainly more police stations, and the police force could also be named "Union City Police Department", for the purpose of this article, only the one seen in the game will be described.
  2. Although very blurry, the official name of the police station can be identified by the sign on the exterior.

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