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Union Security Shirt

The Last Stand: Union City




2 lbs


Cosmetic only



The Union Security Shirt is a type of clothing featured in The Last Stand: Union City. It is worn by Union Security officers as part of their uniform. It resembles a Blue Shirt with a tie and a black utility belt.


Uniform top of Union Security members.


No security organization should go without a uniform for its members, which allows them to be easily recognized. A black utility belt provides a spot to hold firearms, batons, and flashlights. The Blue shirt and Black pants is reminiscent of those with authority, serving as a beacon of assistance to those who need it. A black tie finishes the picture, giving a guard the appearance of authority, power, and a bit of formality.

Available at equipment warehouses and security offices.


It adds no effect to gameplay and is purely cosmetic. Wearing it is only a matter of personal preference and does not change the player's actions with Union Security members.

How to obtainEdit

Some can be found in the Union Security building in Newtown. A high Searching and Luck skill can assist in finding one.


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