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November 1, 2011
  • I live in Near Toronto, Canada
  • I was born on May 2
  • My occupation is Writing, editing wikis, acting, improv. Also wasting time on YouTube. All unpaid.
  • I am Male, of course
Tlsuc me

My character in The Last Stand: Union City. Armed with a Military AK47 and a Sharpened Katana.

"Stop! Drop your weapons! What are you here for? Looking at my "userpage", huh? Well, I honestly don't know what you're talking about, although you can look at this blank sheet of paper with "User" on it. Anyways, catch you later. We gotta go scavenge for food now."
— k6ka

That clearly was not me. Anyways... you clicked the link to view my userpage, right? Alright then, guess that's what I'll have to do here.

So, first off, yeah, k6ka (/ˈkˈsɪksˈkˈ/) is my username. I made it up when I was 11 years old, and unfortunately I'm stuck with it now. You can also call me k6 if you want.

Who are you?Edit

Tlsdz canadian flag

I am Canadian, eh?

Nobody. Seriously. I'm just an ordinary Canadian teenaged guy who lives with his parents. And he is apparently obsessed with urban living. He doesn't want to own the big bad wolf that we call a car, and instead wants to ride in an air-conditioned train that runs underground, his laptop in front of him and his ears plugged with earphones, while his friends are stuck in a traffic-filled freeway adjacent to him. He also likes "Mixed-use buildings", you know, like those new buildings where there are condos at the top and a shopping mall at the bottom? He absolutely loathes suburbia. And he grew up there. His other obsession is with computers, well, with computer games and software. He edits on wikis dedicated to their game series, and surprisingly enjoys it. He also likes to lurk and read articles and forum posts while everyone else is in bed hung-over from drinking one too many shots of whiskey last night. Damn, why did I write this in third-person??

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"Hey, Ray! Please don't bring your ridiculous contraption anywhere near the kitchen where Adrian's cooking. You don't want lubricating oil in our soup, do you?"
— K6ka

What are you doing here?Edit

I'm here mainly because I like wiki-editing. I really, really do. I may just be a Wikiholic. Probably incurable.
Admin T-shirt

It's really just a mop and pail, guys...

Being an admin here, I generally perform admin-tasks on the wiki, such as deleting vandalism, blocking troublemakers, etc. I also regularly monitor recent changes so I can filter all incoming edits, where I can then improve on, modify, tag, or if necessary, revert, the edits. I also monitor uploaded images and add categories to them if necessary. I also have my eye on talk pages and forum pages, and remove personal attacks, vulgar comments, spam, inappropriate images, etc., and add the {{Unsigned}} template if there is no signature (you should always sign your comments on a talk/forum page by adding four tildes (~~~~) at the end, but some people don't seem to quite grasp that).

I also run K6kaBOT, a robot that can automate or semi-automate repetitive tasks that would be tedious to do manually. You can leave bot task requests here.

"I've always wondered - how the heck do the drop-offs work? I mean, the guy who told us to build them said that "That's where you'll put all the scraps you find around the compound". Well, it's been months, and we never seem to run out of these "scraps". Even stranger, whenever we're out on a mission and return, there's stuff there, even though nobody was home. I wonder who put them there... God? That dude? Jack? X??!!! No, X, that's unlikely. Weird character... actually it could be him. But that's just me."
— K6ka

So, what games do you play?Edit

...personally I hate it when people ask me this question. I look like an outcast when I mention Flash games that nobody has heard of, MMO games that they've never heard of, and when I mention The Sims, somehow everyone thinks I have no life.

Oh and speaking of The Sims, a lot of people say, "What exactly is the point of playing a game of life when you have a life to live already?" Well first of all, The Sims universe is a mystical place. They have aliens, Servo robots, PlantSims, witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies, actual ghosts that come out and scare you at night, and other mythical creatures. Changing clothes is fun when all you have to do is spin 360 degrees in one direction to change. It's a serious, commonly abused topic in real life, but WooHoo sure is fun in The Sims! And, seriously, if you're still playing The Sims 1, with no expansions, no custom content, nothing... you're falling waaay behind.

And, as you might've guessed, the "MMO games [you've] never heard of" part does hint towards The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Reason being is that none of my friends have even heard of The Last Stand series. That struck me dumb. I thought everyone knew about it. I guess that's like the number of people who've played The Last Stand and have heard about this wiki. Seriously, millions of players and barely 750 members?? I think we better do some more advertising!

"Some raiders came in last night, Samantha was on guard duty and she woke us all up. We all ran to our posts, weapon in hand, ready. We scanned the premises looking for raiders. Except we didn't realize that the raiders, once they realized they've been sighted, sought refuge in the abandoned apartment building across the street, and, from a window, fired a couple of shots at us. Nobody was hurt, except for the bullet that sliced through my hair. Thank God it didn't actually hit me. Only those in the watchtowers could see those bastards, and we exchanged fire for a few minutes. The raiders then gave up and retreated. Many thanks to Jesus they left, because our Fuel Generator was on at that time."
— K6ka

Tell us about your survivors in your compoundEdit

Well.. since other people are doing it, I guess I can do it here. Listed in the order they arrived at the compound:

  1. kSIXka - Leader
  2. Francisco James - Fighter
  3. Jonathan Young - Fighter
  4. Samantha Lovell - Recon
  5. Ray Ward - Engineer
  6. Cory Brown - Scavenger
  7. Adrian Cranston - Medic
  8. Monique Fisher - Fighter
  9. Jamie Foo - Recon
  10. Melanie Foo - Fighter
"Obviously, unless a group is away on a mission, we all eat our meals together. And obviously, during a meal, there's conversation. Pre-outbreak we would've been exchanging gossip and international news, plus local news nobody's heard of yet. Now, mealtimes aren't as comfortable as they once were. Instead of gossip, we talk about whatever missions we did that day, if we did any at all. We exchange any experiences and new information we collected that day so we all benefit from it. We quickly go over our inventory, calculate how much longer our food and water supplies will last, count all the bullets in our ammo cache, and eat and drink a little from our storages. Clockwork. And it repeats every day."
— K6ka

kSIXka is... me. I just explained myself.

Francisco James, aged 43. Male. Formerly worked at the Central Building in Uptown. Goes to Slater's Fitness every evening except for holidays and Sundays. He doesn't say it, but he used to take kendo and fencing classes. Sweet.

  • Fun fact: Francisco says that, at one point in his life, his financial situation got so bad that he wound up living on the streets for a month. He doesn't like to talk about his ordeal, though, so don't ask him about it.

Jonathan Young, aged 26. Male. Canadian, like me. Joined the military at the age of 18, wounded with minor injuries after courageously saving his General from a time bomb. Was honourably discharged at the age of 24. Moved to Union City a few months before the outbreak. His military background means that he's experienced with many of the weapons in our arsenal. He also doesn't mind crawling under barbed wire. We just jump over it. Sheesh, that's faster than getting slashed to ribbons![1]

  • Fun fact: Jonathan often salutes the Canadian flag we have outside our compound. He says "it's a habit from being in the military."

Samantha Lovell, aged 30. Female. Excellent triathlete. Can run a mile at full speed without breaking a sweat. She's so fast and nimble, she once slid right under a horde of zombies, got to the other side, and took them out single-handedly while we were all trying to reload. We could tie her to a raft, load ourselves on it, and she could swim us across the ocean.

  • Fun fact: Samantha is a light sleeper, and wakes up in a heartbeat. She is also very experienced with working with communication equipment, and thus sleeps near our Radio Receiver to field any incoming calls.

Ray Ward, aged 39. Male. Worked at a mechanics shop in London, England. Moved to Union City at the age of 27 to set up his own shop. He can repair almost anything - weapons, barricades, computers, TVs, power generators, cooking fires and whoopee cushions. He claims he dismantled an entire car engine, put it all back together, and it worked perfectly. We don't know for certain whether he actually did that or not, but he did repair our Deathmobile once.

  • Fun fact: One time, one of Ray's inventions accidentally backfired and left a gaping hole in one of our compound doors. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Ray stayed up till 3 in the morning to fix the damage. We still sometimes joke about the incident and call him "Exploding Ray."

Cory Brown, aged 27. Male. Former secretary who worked at a police station. He explains repeatedly that police officers have a boring life - 90% paperwork, 10% action. No arrests until you're 100% sure that your man is the man. Whatever, like how you can sort through a file cabinet full of paper and pick out the correct one in five seconds. One time, while searching in an apartment, we found a piano. It still works, albeit slightly out of tune. After Ray tuned it, Cory began to play. Mainly lousy remixes of modern songs, but man, did his fingers move! They moved so fast they were just a blur....

  • Fun fact: Cory is also a light sleeper, and sleeps near the south door.[2] While it's nice in the summer, it gets troublesome in the winter, where snow often blows through the door and onto his face.
"Sometimes my survivors are just lazy at cleaning up. I'm often the only one who cleans out the outhouses and the shower stalls. Not that I enjoy it. I'm a slob too."
— K6ka

Adrian Cranston, aged 40. Male. Paramedic. Which explains why he's a Medic now. He carries a small Medical Kit strapped to his arm at all times, so he can heal while in the field. Like Cory, his fingers move nimbly and quickly, so he can quickly clean, disinfect, and bandage a bloody leg in less than twenty seconds. He also keeps fit, necessary for his job, since he has to jump out of the ambulance, run to the back, grab the Medical Kit, and run to the patient before they die. Since his hospital is located Downtown, he has to climb a lot of stairs during fires. Because, you know, elevators and fires do not mix very well.

  • Fun fact: Adrian is our best cook, and says he worked in a restaurant full-time in the past. He makes do with whatever is available and always makes something interesting out of it. Not once have we heard him complain about the poor variety of food in the Dead Zone.

Monique Fisher, aged 40. Female. A transit cop. Which means she was employed by UCTC (Union City Transit Commission) to patrol the subways and bus stops of Union City. It gets pretty rowdy at rush hour, but "Everyone's pretty well behaved, for the most part." Also, in case you didn't know, subway musicians are actually illegal in Union City. You can be a busker outside the subway entrance, but you can't actually go inside and perform at the platform. And since almost everybody ignores that law, she has to shoo a lot of buskers out. Which is far less exciting than a masked gunman with a sawn-off under his shirt boarding a crowded train. That actually happened once. I was only two cars away from that shooting. Someone pulled the emergency brakes and everyone tried to flee down the tunnel. They were all forced back into the train when the gunman shot himself. Funny because I was the only passenger to remain seated.

  • Fun fact: Monique is trained in first aid and CPR, like Adrian. She is also a red belt in taekwondo and a brown belt in karate. Her first aid skills has been used many, many times on subway platforms and bus stop shelters, but she did use her martial arts skills to subdue an armed criminal once.

Jamie Foo, aged 20. Female. Yes, the youngest member of our group. Loved her high-school cross-Country team while it lasted. Every morning, she leads us in a little yoga to get our muscles stretched, warmed up, and ready for the day. She's also surprisingly good with a rifle. She claims she fired her first gun at the age of 8. Maybe it was a toy gun?[3]

  • Fun fact: Jamie is (yes, again) a light sleeper, and sleeps in the bed next to Cory. It's a little more shielded from the outdoors, and closer to the kitchen, so she's warm and snug during the winter while Cory gets buried alive in white powder. Every morning, during the winter, she jokes about "swapping" places with Cory because "Poor Cory looks like the Abominable Snowman." Since Cory hardly sleeps at all, though, he doesn't seem to mind being woken up in the middle of the night to a face full of ice.

Melanie Foo, aged 35. Female. No, she's not related to Jamie. They look nothing like each other anyways. Very similar to Francisco, except she worked at UC Omega, Inc. Downtown. She, like me, is completely obsessed with urban living. She lives in a luxury condo overlooking the ocean. Mixed-use, glass elevators, swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, fitness room, awesome stuff. Sadly the condo was destroyed during the bombing. %$#! YOU HERC!!!!!

  • Fun fact: Melanie has gone swimming with sharks before. She likens the experience to "taming death, in the form of large, sharp-toothed fish." When we asked her what it felt like to fight zombies, she said "it's like fighting death, in the form of blood-covered walking corpses."
"I always get touchy over meat. Whenever I see a small spot of red in my meat, I cut that part out and throw it away. Largely cause my mother told me this story that, when she was a teenager in China, she decided to buy a hamburger at McDonald's, since her friends kept saying it was awesome and stuff. Anyway, she bough a Big Mac, took a bite, and found the meat was beet red and scary. She tossed it in the garbage and never ate a burger again. Well, not really. She only gets the Fish Fillet at McDonald's. Which is ridiculous. As for me, I don't really like fast food, but I always refuse the meat at Chinese restaurants, you know, cause they like to cook it until it's "Just right", which often leaves bloody spots near the bones. That's why I always eat grilled meat. Pretty easy to make in the Dead Zone."
— K6ka

You play The Last Stand: Dead Zone, right? What level are you?Edit

Level 50 on ArmorGames, since February 14, 2015. This was before the update where the level cap was raised to 55.

All my survivors are over level 50 (at least until I retrain some of them); the last survivor, Adrian Cranston, became level 50 on June 30, 2015.

My leader became level 55 on November 11, 2015. All my survivors are now level 55; the last survivor, again, Adrian Cranston, hit the magic level on December 11, 2015.

"Knowledge is power, but so is morale and doing recreational activities. To keep morale up, I've begun setting up a small library in our compound. Ray built a few bookshelves and the rest of us raided libraries looking for any books we can bring home. So far, we have about 300 books in our collection, and it's growing. We also built a basketball hoop in the yard, and we have a few basketballs, albeit deflated. The only pump we have to pump them up is an old bicycle pump, and it doesn't do much. Last thing I wanted to mention is our chess table. I built it myself, without Ray's help, and all the pieces were hand-crafted by me. Whenever we have time, we like to practice our moves, or play a real game and earn ourselves some geek cred. Jonathan, Adrian, and Jamie initially did not know how to play chess when they joined our compound. After a few months of practice, they all managed to checkmate me. You know, something good does come out of bad times."
— K6ka

How old are you?Edit

Information classified.

"The day the infection came into Union City, I was sitting alone in my apartment, thinking about my girlfriend, who was on a business trip in Japan. Lucky her. First I heard police sirens. Didn't take too much notice - cities were filled with police sirens anyway. But they never went away, more just came and came until I was definitely alarmed. Then I heard military helicopters buzzing overhead, and I immediately knew something was up. I ran down to the lobby, but a group of soldiers there instructed everyone to return to their apartments. Just before I got in the elevator, a zombie burst through a ventilation duct and bit the woman standing next to me. Everyone bashed the close door button till it broke and the zombie managed to keep the door open by standing in its path. At least ten people were bit in front of my eyes. I kept a gun in my apartment, so I tried to return via the stairs - but the zombies were already there. Giving up, I smashed the glass and grabbed a fire axe. I broke through a window and leap-frogged out to the street. I didn't stop running until the military picked me up and took me to an outpost."
— K6ka

How many edits have you made on this wiki?Edit

27,239 This user has made 27,239 edits.

What do you expect to accomplish on this wiki?Edit

Tlaststand 1337 pages

l337 5p34k!

Uh... I don't really have any big plans, other than maybe to add all the images on this wiki to a proper category. There are lots of untied loose ends, and I'm tying them as fast as I can. Actually, not really. I'm taking it at a maddeningly slow pace, largely because there are just too many images. It's gonna take a long time. Secondly, who really cares? Once it's done nobody would raise an eyebrow whether I did it in a year or a day. Except everybody would probably be mad for flooding the Recent Changes page.

"The worst thing about living with nine other people in a compound with "Primitive" technology is ... bathroom duty. Scrubbing outhouses isn't anybody's idea for fun. The next worst thing is kitchen duty. In the Dead Zone, everything's rationed. You can't take too much or you've screwed up the careful planning that everybody did. Also, you'll starve to death much sooner by eating more than your fair share. Here's how kitchen duty works in our compound - Every day, we all take turns cooking the meal, serving the meal, and cleaning up the kitchen afterwards. Unless the selected survivor is injured or ill, they must do the job. Doesn't matter what they make, as long as its edible and won't kill us all in ten seconds flat. Usually, they'll be working alone, but any survivor is welcome to help them at any time for anything. Once the food's ready, he/she has to call all survivors to the table, which is really just a bunch of tires with wooden planks laid out on top. He/she must serve every survivor before they can grab their own plate and eat. Once everyone's finished, they have to clean up and wash the dishes, plus clean up the kitchen. This repeats for every meal of the day. As a plus side, whoever is on kitchen duty will NEVER be on guard-duty. They've had a long, messy day and they need sleep. The first few days of our compound, the food was hideous. I had a kitchen in my apartment, but seldom cooked in it. I mainly ordered takeout from the vegan restaurant three blocks south. But the more we did it, the better we got at it. In fact, just a few days ago, I tried to make Baked Alaska. It wasn't the best I've eaten, and I excluded the flambe because we were running low on matches and lighter fluid, but otherwise made me quite proud."
— K6ka

Do you pour maple syrup over everything?Edit

No. :/

"Me and Jonathan are Canadian. Ray is from the U.K. Everyone else is American. We Canadians sure do love our maple syrup! Genuine maple syrup, of course, not that pathetic excuse of a sweetener. What do you call those?... ah, of course, "table syrup". You know, we Canadians often joke about that misery of a syrup and often call them "sirop de poteau" — "pole syrup" in French — as a joke about how table syrup was tapped from telephone poles. Seriously Americans, you sure love eating a lot of fake food."
— K6ka

Do you live in an igloo?Edit

No :/

"During the winter, we love to build igloos in the yard for fun. We'd sometimes store extra weapons and ammunition in there too. They'd survive until spring, but even then they usually survive for quite a long time as a big blotch of white on the ground, surrounded by a pond of dirty water."
— K6ka

Do you end every sentence with "Buddy!"?Edit

No :/

"Hey, buddy! Eh?"
— K6ka

Do you kiss beavers?Edit

No, but I've eaten Beaver Tail before.

"I've been trying my hand at baking recently. Our kitchen has a nice little stove that can take anything we throw at it, although it does better if we gently lay it inside instead. Most of the time I'll just try to bake bread or pizza, but occasionally, if we can find the correct ingredients for it, a cake can come out. It wasn't always this glorious, though. Before we had a kitchen, we used a little toaster oven we swiped from some apartment down the street. 'It's easy as a pie, even if it's too small to bake one.'"
— K6ka

Do you know any other people on this wiki that are Canadian/live in Canada?Edit

SmilingWolf claims he lives in Montreal. That's in Canada. So yes, I do.

"Can't be sure whether the infection's spread outside the country. The media never revealed it before the zombies got into the station. If there's one country that I absolutely refuse to believe received the infection, it's Canada. They're just too good for this."
— K6ka

Do you like comedy?Edit

I really do. I absolutely hate those ridiculous drama movies that my mom loves to watch. Those drama movies never seem to mean anything except crying, slapping, slapping your spouse, slapping your spouse in front of your kids, slapping your spouse on the street where everyone gasps at, running into the apartment crying, slamming the door loudly at your spouse, yelling at your spouse, arguing with your spouse, lying to your kids that you two are not arguing with or slapping each other, beating up your worst enemy on the street, shoving someone off the train platform into the path of an oncoming train, smashing lit lightbulbs and then playing with the shards of glass, touching live electrical wires, intercepting the car of your worst enemy on a busy road, driving a car at 88 MPH and then throwing a sharp curve, which sends your car on its side, gasoline leaks out, and instead of getting out you fumble for your wallet so you can look at the picture of your kids (Seriously, they would rather have you live than you dying with their picture in your hands. LAAAMEEE!!!), driving your car through a store window and blaming your annoying spouse, etc, etc, etc. Ugh....

Hopefully you found that funny.

"How do the showers work when there's no running water?? There's no way we're wasting precious drinking water for such a task. And where do we get the water to wash our clothes? The weird thing is that the showers do in fact work, even though it's not connected to the water main (Which is dry). Same with the tap on the washing station. If that's the case, why do we need to have a rain collector to collect water when we can just turn on the shower and drink?"
— K6ka

You said you're a Wikiholic. Do you really think you meet the definition?Edit

Definitely. I think about wikis a lot during the day and dream about them at night. Mainly I focus on reverting vandalism, most notably on Wikipedia, but I sit down to actually edit an article as well.

"There's surprisingly a lot of free time in the Dead Zone, even after all our daily chores are done. When I have nothing to do, I typically write in my diary, count our food stocks, help the survivor in the kitchen, or join those on guard duty. Walking around the compound, I can't help but look at everything and I feel quite proud at how much we've accomplished in these hard times."
— K6ka

There's a gal on Twitter with the username "@K6Ka". Is this you?Edit


Let me just clarify...


Where can I contact you?Edit

I prefer that you contact me on this page. Most wiki-related stuff and even off-topic discussion goes there. You can also find me on IRC.

In very rare circumstances, I allow users to email me for private issues. But before I begin...

So, when can I email you?
Wait! Before you even click that link, I must tell you that there are very few cases that I'm willing to discuss privately over email. I grant you this email address only because I am nice. I can revoke this at any time.

The majority of cases should be discussed on my message wall. If it's wiki-related, casual discussion that won't harm anyone if publicly seen, etc, then do it on my talk page.

Examples of when you can email me:

  • You are currently blocked from editing and your ability to edit your message wall has been revoked. You can email me to request an unblock, or to inform me that you are an innocent editor that has been autoblocked.
  • There is a revision on a page that you want removed from public view, because it is extremely offensive, defamatory, or reveals personal information. In cases like these, do not post it publicly, as we don't want the Streisand effect to add fuel to the fire.
  • Other personal matters. However, keep in mind that this isn't a social networking site, so don't treat emails as casual private messages in which you can spam me.

If you are receiving death threats from someone else, do NOT email me. Contact Wikia Staff, and if needed, your local police.

If you need assistance with editing the wiki, do NOT email me. Someone else might have the same question that you have, and it's only fair that they can see it as well. Ask at the Help desk or at my talk page. You can also ask at Community Central.

If you want to advertise your crappy new product, DON'T BOTHER. I do not tolerate spam in my email inbox and I will simply shred any spam I see.

Remember that I reserve the right to ignore any email that is sent to me, for ANY reason. If I don't respond, do not push for a response. It's that simple.

In summary - use email only as a last resort, or when the situation is sensitive. Got it? Good.

Now that you've made it this far, you can email me at k6ka01At Thank you.

"Well, email is a great invention... except when there's too much of it."
— K6ka

What else do you wish to tell these rows of empty seats - er, Paparazzi, about yourself?Edit

On Newgrounds? Pay my rather under-visited userpage a visit - Link

I don't upload too much onto YouTube, but I do watch a strange assortment of videos - Link

I play TLS:DZ on ArmorGames, hence I have an account there - Link

I've been writing since I was a kid, but it wasn't until recently that I really truly got serious about writing. I'm looking for critics that can review my work and give me some feedback, as I'm always trying to improve. If you think you're a good critic, or if you just wanna read what I have so far, check out my Wattpad page - Link

You can ask me a question on! Any question, and I will answer it! Link

Need to contact me about the wiki? Just wanted to say hi and clog my inbox? - Message Wall (or talk page, if you're that type of editor)

I have a number of subpages of my userpage - see Special:PrefixIndex/User:K6ka/ for a list.

I operate a bot on this wiki, called K6kaBOT.

I am an autopatrolled user, pending changes reviewer, and a rollbacker on the English Wikipedia, meaning that I help in the neverending task of cleaning up vandalism on Wikipedia. (Userpage | Talk Page | Contributions) I'm also a rollbacker on the Simple English Wikipedia and a global renamer on Meta.

"Oh yeah, I remember Wikipedia. I was a reviewer and rollbacker there, think I still am. Here's an interesting story: One time, while I was in college, one of my teachers came in the room, pulled out the projector, hooked it up to her computer, and loaded a Wikipedia article (think it was about Ancient Egypt or something, I don't remember). She said, "I am going to show you why Wikipedia is not reliable." She clicked "Edit" and started vandalizing the page. The class ooed and aahed as she started replacing sections with "Ra was a cock sucker" and "The Egyptians liked to touch the bodies of their dead kings". Soon the article was a total mess. Then she actually clicked "Publish" and her revision was live immediately. Apparently satisfied, she left the classroom. However, since I was smart and not dumb, I refreshed the page. 1. All her changes were reverted back by a bot, 2. She had received a warning on her talk page, and 3. The class laughed at the teacher's stupidity when she returned. I think she vandalized multiple articles after that, until she got the school's IP address blocked. She showed us several times how "Wikipedia is not reliable". The fun thing is, I actually took out my laptop, went straight to the article she was vandalizing, and as soon as she published her edits, I reverted them immediately. All my other classmates found out what I was doing and I got a bit of a reputation and my reverts were dubbed as "Student VS Teacher". I remember the college fired her after they learned what she was doing."
— K6ka

Below is a list of some of the other wikis I've contributed to:

The Last Stand Wiki (admin and bureaucrat) (as usual)

The Sims Wiki (admin and bureaucrat)

How-To Wiki (admin and bureaucrat)

Feed-The-Beast Wiki

Play on my test wiki! (founder)

Drunken Masters Wiki (founder)

"Who is this mysterious leader of HERC that I hear about? Is it X? That's very likely. Could be some psychopathic serial killer or something. Or it could be one of those ridiculously fat CEOs, you know, where they never seem to be seen without a chocolate bar in one hand. They bark out orders in a high-pitched, purely laughable voice, and his Generals have to suffer from trying hard not to laugh in front of him. Or it could be a her. Maybe it's like Miss Trunchbull from Matilda, except instead of flinging children over a fence by the pigtails it's flinging lead at full-grown adults who use the fountain as a personal bathroom because the toilets are clogged. Either way, whoever kills him/her is a hero."
— K6ka

Why do I call myself k6ka? Well, the first time the Internet ever saw the alias "k6ka" was when I created my Newgrounds account on May 13, 2009 (Dang, I remember it so well!). I was thinking about a suitable username in which I can broadcast to the world about my glory that nobody gives a crap about. I somehow assembled two k's, an a, and a six, and formed "k6ka". Mainly I was looking for a username that was unique in its sense but was still easy for me to remember (I've seen usernames like "bibblybobbly3awrkk6wss". That account was never accessed again after it was created, so I'm betting that the creator forgot their username). The username has stuck unchanged, except for a few cases. On YouTube, I have a "1" next to it because someone already took the username "k6ka", and never did anything else with their account. In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, my leader name is "kSIXka", because I couldn't enter numbers, so I capitalized "SIX" for emphasis.

Anyways, good luck in the Dead Zone. Speaking of the Dead Zone, I gotta care for my survivors. Why they have to whine and bitch like babies, I have no idea. A baby bottle and a pacifier might be a pretty good idea right now...

"Ugh, man, the zombies today were vicious. That riot fatty took all 10 of us firing non-stop for a full minute before it finally gave up the ghost. I mean, they said the city was quarantined and that no new zombies or survivors could enter or leave. I think they're lying. They're deliberately letting zombies in so they can watch us fight for our lives. It's like the Hunger Games. Except for some reason none of us can die. This madness never ends. I think this was deliberately set up, like a video game or something. Whatever, on night-duty now. Zombies don't sleep, you know. Anyway, see you tomorrow."
— k6ka


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  1. Don't let Jonathan see this!
  2. South, as in, the "west" door. I say south because of the orientation of the compound on the Union City map.
  3. Please don't let Jamie see this either!

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