Con Artist Games has finally released the Roadmap for The Last Stand: Dead Zone. The team has been busy with Warfare Online recently, but (Thankfully!) they have not forgotten about the Dead Zone.


The roadmap (full resolution)

5 Years in the Dead Zone

While the 5th anniversary celebrations seem to have concluded, Con Artist Games have said that they plan on celebrating throughout the year. Not sure if there will be stuff in-game for us, or if it's just an office party that none of us are invited to. (And if it's the latter, can they at least make "Cake" a scavengeable food item?)

Tactics Manuals

Knowledge is power in the Dead Zone, and it seems Con is opening up more opportunities to maintain a decent library in your compound. Tactics Manuals are a craftable set of boosts that'll enhance your survivors for a few missions. There will also be an upgradeable "Tactics Planning" skill to create more effective Tactics. These manuals will consist of components that you can find while scavenging, or from unwanted books. I wonder if this will make books a recyclable item; sure would make an environmentalist happy!

New HERC Developments

Thanks to your efforts at mucking up HERC operations on Union Island, Homeland Environmental Risk Control are moving some of their personnel into secure underground bunkers. Well, underground, yes, but secure? HERC seems awfully good at letting their security get breached.

HERC Bunkers will be available in high level areas, defended by well-trained HERC troops who are making their last stand... against you.

New HERC Prototypes will become available as well. If they were meant to be top-secret... well, it seems HERC fails at that too.

Late Game Levelling System

While this was mentioned in last year's roadmap, it didn't exactly come to fruition. Now the plans have been revised heavily after some time. The idea is that you will be allowed to continue to level up past Level 55. Each time you earn a level, you get one point to use in a passive skill tree. This skill tree will affect the abilities of all your survivors, and you'll get a number of passive buffs, such as benefits you would normally get from gear and weapons, as well as other things like food and water consumption.

This will hopefully give high-level players an incentive to dust off those XP-gain books.

High Activity Zones

We've been battling infected for years now, and like scratching a rash, it only seems to get worse.

Special "High Activity Zones" will have more zombies, more rushes, and more Elites. They will, however, have better drop rates and better finds!

One can't help but wonder if the zombies are the ones who stock the containers we search.

Suburb Changes

The levels of Waterside and Green Plains will be lowered to make room for more districts to be added to the city. This will also allow more players to enjoy these locations.

A few new location types may also be added.

Event Updates

We've already celebrated the 5th anniversary, but special events like 4th of July and Z-Mas will be celebrated, as usual.


All of the above is subject to change!


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