War Boosts are a feature available for alliances in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


War Boosts give all members beneficial effects for the rest of the war round, unless they are still in Enlisting mode.

If the alliance buys all four of the War Boosts in the current round, members will gain the Bonus Boost, which provides even more benefits to the entire alliance.

The price of boosts changes based on:

  1. How many active members are in the alliance
  2. How much time is left in the round. 

As the end of the round draws closer, the cost of War Boosts will reduce. However, their effects only last until the end of the round.

War boost costs are linear so that if the last day costs 100 alliance tokens, a full 7 days would cost 700 tokens.

List of War BoostsEdit

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There are four War Boosts available. Their effects range from increasing the chance of finding quality items, decreasing ammunition costs, lowering the fuel cost for crafting, increasing the chance of crafting bonuses or increasing survivor health.

Name Icon Effect
Item Increases chance of Finding Items by 10%
Increases chance of Finding Quality Items by 10%
Crafting Increases chance of Crafting bonuses by 15%
Reduces Fuel Cost of Crafting & Upgrading Items by 20%
Fuel Increases Fuel Drops by 15%
Survival -20% Water Consumption
-20% Food Consumption
+15% Survivor Health
Combat -20% Ammo Cost in Missions
+20% Damage vs.Infected
Survivor +20% Survivor Health
+15% Morale
Mission -15% from Return Times on Played Missions
+15% Mission XP
+20% Automated Mission Success Chance
Automission +40% Automated Mission Success Chance
Repair Reduces Repair Material Costs by 30%
Reduces Repair Time by 50%
+25% Wood Drop Off Rate
+25% Metal Drop Off Rate
+25% Cloth Drop Off Rate
Production +20% Ammo Drop Off Rate
+20% Wood Drop Off Rate
+20% Metal Drop Off Rate
+20% Cloth Drop Off Rate
+20% Water Production
+20% Food Production

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