"Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for TERROR DOME!"
— Woody Hackett when a player starts the Terror Dome challenge
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Woody Hackett is an NPC in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A Union City native and former TV host, Woody Hackett first appeared as the "official host" of Freedom Week in 2016. He later reappeared as the creator and host of the Terror Dome, where survivors fight hordes and press buttons to earn prizes. His comments during each round of the Terror Dome can be heard by players.


Finishing Round 1 or 2Edit

  • "Oh buddy, you look rough."

Presenting a hunterEdit

  • "They say he was born with a chainsaw for a hand, LOOK-OUT-FOR-PSYCHO!"

Pressing a buttonEdit

  • "Points! Points! POINTS!"

Hurt by exploding zombie's explosionEdit

  • "Oww, that's gotta hurt!"
  • "Oh, LOOK OUT!"


  • Woody Hackett may be a reference to Woody Allen, an American actor, filmmaker, and comedian.
  • Woody Hackett is voiced by Ken Spassione Jr.[1]



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